Treat Yo Self, Love Yo Self

If you've had the pleasure of enjoying the show Parks & Recreation, you know what I mean when I say 'Treat Yo Self'. Just in case you haven't watched it yet, 'Treat Yo Self' is a tradition between some of the characters where they spend a day buying, doing, and eating whatever fabulous things they feel like.
Without a doubt I have 'Treat Yo Self' days where I spend too much at the mall and have seconds (or thirds) of ice cream. However, I've found that I feel my best when I include those moments throughout each week. 'Treat Yo Self' really means to love yourself, treat yourself with kindness, and take care of yourself.
We are all so different in what makes us feel our best. As I discover more about myself, I find that there are some rituals that really help me to be my best and 'Love Yo Self'.


Sustainable Style

What do these boots, this sweater, and this vest have in common?
They were all purchased at Goodwill!

Today I'm going to be sharing some tips for tidying up your closet and making your wardrobe more sustainable.


Views from the South Island of New Zealand

Have you ever been out in nature and just felt a sense of magic?
An otherworldly, deep sense that you were some place very special...
During our Christmas adventure to New Zealand we went on a 4 day road trip, or as the Kiwis call it, a tiki trip. We went from east coast to west coast and saw an incredible variety of breath-taking landscapes. Most of our unforgettable views in New Zealand came from hikes. 


It Runs in the Family

Do you ever spend time pondering basic facts, and it dawns upon you that there is a simple beauty to them? I recently was pondering the simple beauty found in families.
I was spending time with my lovely Grandma Rosetta. Grandma and I always laugh about the fact that we have the same horrible sense of direction. I don't mean 'not being able to find north sometimes' bad, I mean 'get lost in your hometown' bad. Grandma tells me a story about how she got lost, and I tell her a similar one. My Grandma and I both love books and knitting and catching up over tea. As we visited over a teapot full of jasmine white tea, she said an expression that was comforting to me. Later I thought about how it was comforting to me because my mother says it. Then I realized that it is probably comforting to my mom because her mom said it.


Christchurch, New Zealand

 I woke up somewhere over the depths of the Pacific Ocean, then I rode a bike in a different country, and explored a city both thriving with culture and devastated by earthquakes. I walked through a garden full of plants I’d never seen, and ate gelato on a pastel street.


Green Power Veggie Frittata

Do you need something green and nutrient dense to start 2018 right after piles and piles of Christmas cookies? 
I got you. 


Glimpes of our Christmas Season

Merry Christmas season! Our Christmas traditions are a little bit different this year. Daniel and I are preparing to head to New Zealand! We leave tomorrow, and it's my first international trip!! Some close friends of ours moved to Christchurch a year ago, and we thought what better excuse to travel. I am not looking forward to the long flight (14 hours, yeesh), but I am so eager to explore a new country that seems a world away, and spend time with our friends. So you can expect posts about our outdoor and food adventures, and my struggle to create a capsule wardrobe that works for travels from 35 degree Pacific Northwest to summertime in the southern hemisphere... I'm hoping I packed what I need!
In the mean time I thought I'd share some of our Christmas festivities (and food) before we depart.


Bird Shirt & Cozy Cardigan

Bird shirts, cozy chunky knits, lived-in jeans, booties, and getaways with my love have me jumping for joy! 


3 Ways to Wear a Ruffle Sweater {and not feel 12!}

I recently picked up this great ruffle sweater from Target's new line, A New Day. If you haven't checked out that line yet, you must! They have really fun and trendy styles. 
I was instantly drawn to this sweater, but a little unsure of how I'd style it. Ruffles in bright pink tend to look childish, and with my baby face I have to be mindful of that! 
I had a fun "play dress up in my own closet" session to play around with this sweater. 


The Wonder of Being Known

I saw the movie "Wonder" tonight (5 dollar Tuesday, anyone?), and there's so many takeaways from this movie. The moments that got me, and the message I walked away with, surprised me.

If you're not familiar with "Wonder", it's a story of a boy with a facial deformity who is attending school for the first time. Auggie is deeply loved by his family, but struggles to find acceptance with his peers. The film is based on a popular children's novel. I read the novel several years ago and was touched by the themes of children being changed by exposure to diversity, and discovering that it's what's inside that counts. While seeing the film, a new message stood out to me.

In Auggie's dark moments of rejection, he turns to his parents. With tears in his eyes, he looks into his mother's face and says "Why am I so ugly?"
"You are not ugly, you are beautiful," she responds. He remarks that she has to say that because she's his mom.
"Does that make it matter less, because I'm your mom?" She asks. "It matters most because I am your mom. I know you more than anyone, and you are beautiful."

This moment so poignantly illustrates the power of being known. When we're scared, when we're unsure, when we feel rejected and alone-
those who know us deeply -through and through- can remind us who we are.

Later, Auggie shares a similar moment with his father. His dad says that he missed seeing Auggie's face when he hid it from the world. Auggie questions this, and his dad makes it clear. He loves Auggie's face because it is Auggie. "This is the face of my son".

It is our loved ones whose opinions we often value the most, so if they tell us we have worth, we will begin to believe it. Auggie experiences a beautiful transformation, and at the root of it is his family's love.
What power we have as people- whether it be parents, siblings, children, grandparents, teachers, partners, friends- to remind those we love who they are. To remind them that they are special. That they are loved.

We have the power to turn to our loved ones to remind us who we are. That we are special. That we are loved.

When you know someone the best, you know their every good and bad trait. To be able to look past their flaws and tell them they are valuable and beautiful- that's the beauty of relationship.

Even more beautiful, to hear from the one who created us and knows us more than anyone else:

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life. -Isaiah 43:4

 Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows. -Luke 12:6-7

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Sunbursts & Cheerful Fall Skirt

I love when the sunshine comes out to play and shows up in photos just perfectly. 
 There is nothing like a just right sunburst in an outdoor photo. 
There's also nothing like finding a perfect Gap skirt at Goodwill for $7! 


Edgefield Getaway

Over Veteran's Day weekend Daniel and I decided to go on a one-night getaway to Edgefield. Daniel got a McMenamin's passport for his birthday and wanted to rake in some stamps. We definitely accomplished that!


When there's no answer to "is there anything I can do?"

This morning I read about the importance of bearing one another's burdens. It got me thinking about times that loved ones have supported me in dark times, and how much that meant to me.

I am a person who has emotional ups and downs. I share this because it is my reality, but also because I, like many, believe there is a need for greater awareness and destigmatization of mental health issues.


Dundee Wine Tasting

In October I spent a wonderful day wine tasting in Dundee with two of my close girlfriends. 
I've come to realize I really love wine tasting. Not just because of the wine.