Swiss Dots and Tulle

When I first went wedding dress shopping, I was pretty sure I wanted a dress with swiss dots. I ended up going with something much more elegant, but I did pick a going-away dress with swiss dots and tulle. 

I loved wearing this dress on my wedding day during the last dance of the reception, while tearfully hugging dear friends and family goodbye (for some reason that was the part of the day that made me cry!), and finally getting in the car and departing for our new life together as husband and wife.  

In fact, I loved that dress and the beautiful memories tied to it I decided to give in another spin on a beautiful summer evening when we went to see The Lion King in downtown Portland. 


Silverwood & Sandpoint, ID

Oh boy, this summer we've gotten to have so many adventures. Towards the end of July, we made a trip to Northern Idaho. Visiting Silverwood and Sandpoint, we treasured almost a week in the sun and water, enjoying the beautiful scenery and a little break from the desert.


Summer is for Rompers

I am so glad that rompers came back in style. Can we agree that they should never go out of style?
This look is so comfortable, playful, and just screams SUMMER! 
I found this one on Target's clearance rack for $8.98. I wasn't sure about the pattern with a romper already being a bold statement, but once I tried it on and loved it, I figured go big or go home!


Quiet In My Soul

I've learned that there are different types of joy in the Lord. 
When I first came to know the joy of the Lord, I was abuzz with joy. I was a freshman in college, and I remember all the new people I was just getting to know asking me "Why are you so happy all the time?"
I stayed up until 2 am focusing on loving people, and then got up at 7 am to meet with friends to pray. I wasn't tired, I was full of joy and energy. 
That was a season in my life. God filled me with joy that was vibrant, visible, and outgoing. It was a beautiful way to get to know what living in His presence was like.


Fresh Summer Lunches

I'm a teacher, so I have summers off (yay!). This weird thing has been happening around noon. I actually have the opportunity to eat something besides leftovers or a hastily thrown together sandwich for lunch! I've been playing around with ways to liven up my lunch that are fresh and come together somewhat quickly. Plus, these ideas all boast at least one serving of veggies!


When I Let My Husband Pack for Me

 "I have an idea. Why don't you let me pack for you."
That's what my husband said to me as we were waking up the day we'd leave for our Father's Day weekend visit.
I often pack his bag for trips, so it was a sweet gesture and I agreed. I was a little worried what he would end up choosing and tried to give some pointers, but he said that if I was letting him do it, I had to stop bossing him around!


Homemade Takeout

Takeout is a wonderful thing. Someone else cooks, you eat some of your favorite comfort foods, and better yet you get to eat it in the comfort of your home (and if you're like me, in front of the tv in your pajamas). However, sometimes I end up feeling yucky from less veggies, extra sodium, and around 25 bucks out for a meal that wasn't super fantastic. 

One night we were desperately craving Chinese takeout, but were trying to be conscious of our budget and junk food intake. We had a full fridge, so I decided to make it at home. 


Spring in Seattle & City Exploring Style

I've had the chance to get to know Seattle over the past year. I think we've made four trips in the last year to visit friends in the Emerald City. We just made a trip at the beginning of May and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely the nicest I've seen in the area. The lovely, sunshine-filled weekend provided great opportunities to explore and snap some photos. 


Stripes and Bows & Open Fields

When I first found out we were moving to Hermiston, I thought we were headed to "the armpit of Oregon". 

Eastern Oregon is surely nothing like verdant Western Oregon, but boy, did I have the wrong impression! The miles and miles of farmland, open fields, and rolling hills in the distance that characterize the east side are certainly their own kind of beautiful. More than that, the sun is out most of the time! 

These photos were taken on a trail on an open field near our home. It's such a peaceful place to go for a walk, jog or just listen to the birds. 


For those awkward moments...

I have this awful habit.
If someone says something and I don't quite hear or understand, I usually laugh, smile, and agree.

My loved ones know me well enough to occasionally call me out and say 'you have no idea what I just said'.

Unfortunately,  my awkward 'haha I have no idea what you said uh huh' response happens more often with acquaintances or strangers.

I just had one of these awkward moments this afternoon.


Post-Workout Snack Attack

You just finished a workout. You feel great, sweaty, and HUNGRY. It's a couple of hours until a meal- what to do? It's time for a post-workout snack attack.

But what to eat? Here's a great graphic from Nuts.com

I seek snacks that are quick, simple, and contain protein to refuel muscles and healthy fats to feel satisfied. Today I want to share with you my favorite snacks to refuel after a good sweat session.


Three Outfits, One Perfectly Twirlable Skirt

On Spring Break, I was shopping with a friend at the Limited at an amazing Seattle mall.
Suddenly, a pattern from the sale rack jumped out and caught my eye. It was cheerful, springy, and a little bit wild with bright fuchsia dots over a neutral background. Better yet, on a beautiful silky fabric. 


The Accidental Teacher

I started a masters program in special education last week. My sweet husband suggested taking a first day of school picture :)

It would be very easy to describe myself as an 'accidental teacher'.

Well, at one point I did intend to be a teacher. I took an interest in special education when I helped out in adaptive PE in eighth grade. I found that being surrounded by that group of people was a breathe of fresh air and a safe place in the midst of a rocky middle school experience. It was transformative for me and my peers who chose that elective. That experience stuck with me, and when I headed off to college, I aimed to pursue a degree in Special Education. After discovering I first had to do a major in general Education then get a masters in Special Ed,  I got disheartened.


Stomach Flu & The Gospel

I had the displeasure of having the stomach flu shortly after Easter.

You know how when you have the stomach flu you kind of just want to die?

Okay, maybe that's being dramatic. But you're probably lying if you don't agree that at one point or another while caught up in the nausea, deliriousness, and cold sweats you've thought "It would probably be okay if this was the end, I'm done".

It all turns around on the blessed day when you start to feel better. When you realize, 'hey, I kept this food down for 12 hours'. The first day that you really feel normal is amazing. Normal has a whole new meaning- it's full of life and energy and joy.  You feel as if you have new life.


I Know the Healer.

"Do you feel the weight of the world singing sorrow? Can you feel the souls behind what's going on?" -The Rocket Summer  
One day in third grade, I remember being so overcome with sadness at school that I had to go home. There was no particular reason I was so saddened, there was just an ache within me. I remember spending the day crying on my mom's lap. I remember telling her, 'there's always something to cry about'.

Note: All photos were taken on a sunny November day at the Idaho State Penitentiary Museum.

I think this was the first time I had felt the ache. I am now very familiar with the ache. You know the ache too. The ache of all the sadness and brokenness in our lives and in our worlds. Of severed relationships, of unmet dreams, of loneliness, of tragedy, of sorrow and loss. This is compassion. This is part of being human.