Sunbursts & Cheerful Fall Skirt

I love when the sunshine comes out to play and shows up in photos just perfectly. 
 There is nothing like a just right sunburst in an outdoor photo. 
There's also nothing like finding a perfect Gap skirt at Goodwill for $7! 


Edgefield Getaway

Over Veteran's Day weekend Daniel and I decided to go on a one-night getaway to Edgefield. Daniel got a McMenamin's passport for his birthday and wanted to rake in some stamps. We definitely accomplished that!


When there's no answer to "is there anything I can do?"

This morning I read about the importance of bearing one another's burdens. It got me thinking about times that loved ones have supported me in dark times, and how much that meant to me.

I am a person who has emotional ups and downs. I share this because it is my reality, but also because I, like many, believe there is a need for greater awareness and destigmatization of mental health issues.


Dundee Wine Tasting

In October I spent a wonderful day wine tasting in Dundee with two of my close girlfriends. 
I've come to realize I really love wine tasting. Not just because of the wine. 


Stranger Things Party

The Tew family got really into Netflix's Stranger Things when it came out summer 2016. As we heard the release date of season 2, we planned an all weekend marathon. 
As it can be difficult to find a time all 7 of us can get together, it was kind of a big deal. We made it a bigger deal by dressing up, and carrying on the theme with food and decor. It was fabulous. 


Bigger, Brighter, and Even More Beautiful

I went to college in a teeny tiny town in the mid-Willamette valley called Monmouth. Unassuming and quaint, anyone who stays there long discovers the painted sky sunsets, coastal range views, and simple small town beauty of this place. I remember going for walks and runs along country roads and driving out to watch sunsets in truck beds, feeling free and eager to explore the beautiful, sunlit and lush landscape.
There was one particular walk that has always stuck with me. I felt called to walk with God one morning, and followed a country road out of town that I hadn't walked before. The road had a good climb up a hill. As I got to the top of the hill, I turned around to head back and was surprised by a beautiful view of a mountain- bright and strong and excitingly beautiful in the distance. It took my breath away.


Corner Fireplace Makeover

My husband and I moved into a beautiful, brand new apartment in June. We first visited the complex in May, right after Daniel got his job and we were trying to figure out where to live. When we toured the model unit, I thought it was the most gorgeous apartment I had ever seen. God made it clear that Canby was where he wanted us to live, and we felt so blessed to move into this beautiful space! 


Tips and Tricks to Every Stage of Going for Bold Bangs

Full bangs are a bold and stylish choice. Most of us start out as little girls with full bangs, and getting them chopped again can make us worry we'll look like our eight year old selves. I went for it and got full bangs Fall 2016, and I'm so glad I did! I wanted to share some tips and tricks for every stage of bangs. 


Cozy Fall Lunch & Pumpkin Patch

Today we hosted a festive lunch and pumpkin patch get-together. It was a wonderful time to gather, adventure, and relax with family who are friends, and friends who are family. 


I'm addicted to striped dresses

Squinty smiles (as seen above) have been a signature of mine my whole life. 
Striped dresses seem to be my new signature item. 


Salted Caramel Cashew Butter

When it comes to fall flavors I am somewhat of a pumpkin girl, but I am a major salted caramel girl. I remember when Starbucks first released the flavor when I was in college. I had many a salted caramel mocha and hot chocolate that year. 
For the last couple of weeks I had an urge to make some cashew butter, and thought I could add in some extras to give it that addicting sweet and salty flavor. 


Falling for Jewel Tones

Fall has hit hard and suddenly in the Willamette Valley! My husband's brother got married on September 16th, and it was a beautiful sunny 80 degree day. The next day it poured, and it didn't stop for several days! 
While living in Hermiston the last few years I did not experience the turbulent season changes of the valley, and I've been enjoying cracking the window to hear the rain. The woods pictured in these photos are just feet from my home, and their scent wanders in with the rain. 
This season is perfect for the deeper, richer hues of jewel tones, my style feature today.


Hold on tight, trust, and go for it

My dad is most definitely a kid at heart. I completely get my sense of adventure from him.
This summer he created a 60 foot super slip-n-slide from a tarp. It careens down the steep incline in his backyard. He hitched a rope along the hill to help sliders climb up, positioned a hose at the top, and inflated inner tubes.


An open letter to teachers in August

Dear Teacher,

From kindergartners to college students, there is something refreshing, renewing, and hopeful about a new school year. It causes students to wonder what could happen this year, how they could grow, and how they could impact others. This shimmery, energized feeling fades for some, but I believe it is a small part of why we teachers choose our profession. The end of the summer is like our New Years: it holds promise.

Sometimes, that promise can be what keeps us teachers going.

Teachers, as you stand in your empty classroom and imagine those desks filled with students, allow yourself to be captivated by the newness of the school year.


Enjoying Summer to the Fullest: Casual Style

When I was growing up, we did back to school shopping HARD. CORE. It was a blast. My mom, sis, and I would hit the mall for hours at a time and find tons of cute styles. We would do fashion shows when we got home. When the first day of school rolled around, I was so excited to wear my brand new cordouroys and sweater, but when recess rolled around I found myself sweating buckets on the playground because it was still 80 degrees out.