3 ways to rock linen pants this summer

These pants are a dream. They feel like pajamas, but look stylish and chic. 
Be warned: if you wear them to work and you work with teenage boys, some may comment that you look like you're wearing pajamas. Disregard their comments, they have no sense of style. 
I am all about linen pants this summer. The pair I'm wearing is from Old Navy, you can find them here.


Saturday Market & Early Summer Style

I am relaxing into the rhythm of simple summer days. I'm enjoying falling into habits like sleeping in a little, plentiful reading, and taking time for "just because" creative and relaxing activities. Having some spare time makes room for meandering the Saturday Market and wandering into a few local shops.  


June Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here's my once a month Friday Favorites where I highlight some of the things I'm excited about this month. June has been a wonderful month, really.


A Restless Girl's Guide to Being Lazy

This seems like one of the more ridiculous posts I've written, because in our society laziness is generally not seen as a good thing. But a little rest, a little bit of doing nothing, and a little bit of relaxed head space is so necessary! 
Sometime around the beginning of college I forgot how to relax. I was constantly doing, moving, and working, and when time came to be lazy I had to fight hard to let myself chill. Now that summer break has arrived I feel like I am finally learning to embrace rest and relaxation. Whether you have an entire summer to rest, just an afternoon, or a week's vacation, here's some tips and steps that have helped this restless girl learn to slow down and enjoy being lazy. 


Blackberry Lemon Crepes for Two

We love lazy, quiet Saturday mornings sitting on the couch together and reading with the window cracked and hearing birds singing outside. On these lovely Saturdays I often throw together an impromptu special breakfast, and that is how these blackberry lemon crepes for two came along. 


Three looks for a tie-front skirt {with pockets}

Hey all! This teacher over here is counting down the days until summer. 9 more days for my students! I am starting my summer a little early this weekend with an adventure with my sister to Alaska to celebrate our oldest friend's wedding. It's an exciting time!
It's triplet me again, here to show you three great looks for this LOFT tie-front skirt. I got it on the same shopping trip as the coral tunic. It's classic, versatile, and such a nice color (oh, and pockets). 


Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday, my friends!
I recently came across this super fun blog party called "Friday Favorites" where everyone shares what they are excited about lately. This will be my first time joining! So here's a little insight into what I am up to and loving these days.


I'm obsessed with this tunic

I found this tunic on the clearance rack at Loft on a shopping date with my mom and sister last month, and I am OBSESSED. I love the color and flowers, and it has a perfect, flattering flow. It's also extremely versatile for a variety of moods and styles, so I had lots of fun capturing different looks with a fashion show on my patio. 


Dear Mom

This is a collection of a few memories and thankfulness I've recorded over the last year to celebrate my wonderful mom on Mother's Day. 
Dear Mom,

This morning I was laying awake worrying about every little thing. The future was daunting and each moment uncertain. I stewed in my thoughts for an hour and waited till it wasn't too early. Then I called you.

Your voice told me that even though it was early, and you probably had other things going on, you were happy to hear my voice. As I told you about my anxious heart, I could tell you truly listened and weren't just seeking to fix.


What it's Really Like to be a Special Education Teacher

Two Wednesdays ago I completed a Masters Degree in Special Education, and that Thursday I finished my routine paperwork for the year! 
Although I took a roundabout route to get there, I feel so called, passionate, and challenged in my career. At this mountaintop moment I thought I would share some of my observations over the past three years of what it's really like to be a Special Education (Sped) teacher.

1. You become part Therapist/Life Coach. I've heard details about broken families, breakups, friend drama, dying pets, decisions about prom dresses, you name it. I've given daily motivation talks to try to change negative mindsets, and waited for a student to stop sobbing so they could talk. I've taught social skills, hygiene practices, and explained who that guy FICA is that's stealing half their paycheck. Sometimes kids just need to be heard, and if you show them you'll listen, they know they are valued. Unfortunately, for some students you may be the only positive adult in their life.


Spring Break in San Francisco: Sights, Eats, and Outfits

Teacher perks: Spring Break. 
This Spring Break we planned a trip down to San Francisco! It was my first time, and really the first time I've done anything besides theme parks in California. I loved spending three days exploring the city and enjoying the sun with my dear husband. I'm sharing my favorites sights, eats, and what I wore on our getaway. 


Flouncy Sleeves & Joyful Spring!

See the JOY on my face? This is honestly how I feel that Spring is here and the sunshine is coming out!


Practical ideas for easy to clean home décor

Being at home is so much more relaxing when everything is clean and tidy, and keeping your home clean can be more efficient when you have easy to clean materials! Today I am partnering with Alex Farley, who owns a small cleaning company in the UK, Superb Cleaning Services. This article shares some great tips for making your home easy to clean and enjoy!
Regardless of your nationality, the language which you speak or your favourite music, we are all united by one common aim – to design our lives in a way that makes them as uncomplicated and undemanding as possible. Intuitive solutions have been here for a long time, but recently they’re gaining even more popularity. Self-manageable and self-cleaning homes are no longer a thing from far future science fiction books, in the foreseeable future we’ll witness grand changes in our lifestyle and we can begin with some (not so) small floor-to-ceiling improvements today.


Springy Geometric Blouse

Here in the Willamette Valley Spring arrives in a burst of sunshine for one day, and then it is 40 degrees for a few days, and then it's 65 and beautiful for a week, and then it pours for 10 days. Right now the 10-day forecast only has one rain cloud, and has lots of little sunshines! 
I actually took these sunny photos back in October, but am just now getting around to posting them. 


Dreamy Rustic Modern Bedroom

Our master bedroom has been a longtime vision of mine. When I look back at the Pinterest boards I created when we were waiting to move into our first apartment, it actually looks like my bedroom! 
 Furniture has come and gone, the decorations have been on two different sides of the state, and a wall has been painted... and I feel like my vision has finally come together. I wanted our room to be cozy, soothing, cheerful, mellow and functional, with personal details.