Three Main Dishes that Pack in Produce and Healthy Grains

There's such a huge misconception that eating healthy has to be boring, or you have to stick to a super specific plan to be successful. I'm excited to start a blog series called "Three Dishes that..." focusing on some fun and creative ways to get more of those healthy ingredients we need and want in our diet. 
Today's post centers on main dishes that pack in a haul of fresh veggies and fruits, and a serving of those good-for-you whole grains. 
A major highlight of this series is valuable input from a registered dietitian! A dear friend of mine and a R.D., Erica Baty, was willing to give me some very helpful information on the benefits of whole grains and produce variety. Read on for to get some wellness wisdom, along with a few delicious recipes! 


5 Necklaces You Need in Your Life

I have been really into necklaces since early high school, and I think they can really make a look and add some personality. Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite necklace types that you need in your life! 


Spring Cleaning Cheerful Kitchen

The kitchen is truly a happy place for me. It's a place where I relax and listen to music as I get creative, cook nourishing meals to keep us going or bake naughty treats to indulge in, and love on my husband and guests by cooking and baking for them.
It's that spring cleaning time of year, and I don't know about you but my kitchen is always one of the first spaces that needs a scrub, and also one of the biggest cleaning jobs. 
But once it's finally clean, I remember why I love my kitchen! For our kitchen we chose cheerful patterns, happy colors, and a clean and fresh mood. 



2017 Must List: Experiences, Not Things!

A must list often consists of "things"- must haves. When I think of my vision for my life, my must haves are experiences, not things! As spring is drawing near and possibilities are expanding, I'm beginning to think of the activities I really want to do this year. Here begins my must-do list for 2017!
1. Go Hiking
 Exploring nature is one of the things that makes me feel most alive! This year I want to go hiking and explore new places, especially state parks and national parks if possible. I haven't been to Crater Lake since I was really young, I would love to return there! I feel like it is a must as an Oregonian!


Nature Tones & Peaceful Mood Bathroom

We live in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. When we moved in, I was pleasantly surprised to find out we would have two bathrooms. I already had a vision for one bathroom, but not a second! I browsed Pinterest (of course) and decided on a color palette of natural tones, and a calming mood. 


Run The Race

The sun is glistening on the Columbia River. It's a bright February morning that holds the hope of Spring, but the bitter cold of winter lingers at a frigid 35 degrees. At 9 am, while bundled up in my warmest coat, I watch my husband take off for a 13.1 mile run- a half marathon.


Cheetah Print & StyleWe Giveaway

I've got a special style post for you today, I am cohosting a giveaway from StyleWe with fellow blogger Raine from Raine in the City! The details will be after I share my look with you...
Is there anyone else out there who was a teen/preteen when the epic Disney Channel Original Movie "Cheetah Girls" was released? 


An Amazing Day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This is the look you get when you get to be physically present in a place you have gone in your imagination thousands of times.
I was in third grade when Harry Potter first came out. The first time I saw the book, my mom and sister were sitting at the kitchen table reading The Sorcerer's Stone together. My sister's teacher had begun reading it aloud, and my sister just had to know what happened. I remember being annoyed that my sister was reading and not playing with me. In the coming months I picked up the book, and I, too, was quickly captivated by it's spell. 


6 Healthier Treats {I Can Actually Live With}

In an effort to try to eat healthier, many of us try to cut out the most tempting food items. Eating meatless, staying away from bread, or eliminating fast food are really not much of a problem for me. However, I know that I just cannot give up having a sweet treat. I've tried, and it is just not pretty. 
As an alternative to giving up treats altogether, I have discovered the sneaky trick of making my treats a bit healthier.


Freedom in Imperfection

Ok, this is a real "heart to heart" post.

Growing up, I was always someone who was accepting of my quirks and flaws. I was comfortable being me, and didn't need to cover that up.

Suddenly, as my responsibilities have increased over the last few years, I find myself struggling with an enemy I know many struggle with their whole lives: perfectionism.


African Peanut Soup and Naan Bread

I love trying new flavors, especially at home. It's an adventure to try new recipes and ingredient combinations. Last week I made African peanut soup and Indian naan bread, and it was so delicious and flavorful I just had to share it here! 

My Grandma initially introduced me to African peanut soup with a delicious chicken soup recipe. I absolutely adore peanut butter, so anytime you can add that flavor count me in! This recipe gives a fresh twist by including kale and cilantro. This crockpot recipe is not only easy and SO flavorful, but it's also gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian. 


Snow Style

Here in Eastern Oregon we have had a LOT of snow this season!
It's 16 degrees right now, and the second week of December we had about a foot of snow on the ground.


Believe In Hope

This week I went with my family to visit an amazing celebration of lights in Colton, Oregon. Beautiful lights glittered over several properties, families out of the kindness of their hearts served complimentary cookies and hot chocolate. As I walked around, I was immediately grabbed by the theme of the festivities: Believe in Hope. 


Best Free At Home Workouts & Tips for Holiday Fitness

During the holidays we do a lot of traveling and staying with family. While I absolutely love this special time with loved ones, I can be uppity when it comes to my schedule changing. When I don't eat, exercise, and sleep normally, grumpiness ensues.
For me, finding a way to still get a workout in during the holidays is a huge part of self care. It does help me feel less like a slug amidst all the treats I eat, but more importantly it helps keep my energy and attitude positive.
When away from our gyms (or in my case, Jazzercise studio), and it's too cold to walk or run outside, getting motivated to work out can be a challenge. In these times, there's a great secret I've discovered: YouTube.
There are so many great YouTube trainers out there, I want to introduce you to my three favorites.