Introducing Spring into your Winter Wardrobe

 Weather, and dressing for the weather, is so tricky in the transitioning weeks from winter to spring.

While in college I remember waking up to beautiful clear sky March days and throwing on a sundress and sandals, then halfway to class feeling very cold. I was definitely not alone. As I walked down the sidewalks of campus I exchanged subtle nods of acknowledgment and sympathy with other shivering girls who had made this classic error of the early sundress. 

This is the problem: the sun is finally out and we want to shed the sweaters and put on floral and bright colors. We want to set our feet free of warm boots and shed snug parkas. But, when we jump right into it, we find out that the first weeks of spring can be much more lion than lamb.

Here I share with you some outfits I have put together to navigate this transitioning season. I aim for a smooth balance between winter and spring with bold patterns and colors mixed in with neutrals, comfortable layers, and a blend of warm weather and cold weather pieces.

The bold pattern of this maxi skirt is balanced with a crisp mint cardigan. I threw on a long necklace and wedge sandals to add some flair to the look. What I love about this outfit is that it lets the toes peep out and tries on a summery skirt, but  keeps you warm with a sweater. Bonus: you can totally wear leggings under a long skirt for some extra coziness.

I think the whole "no white before memorial day" thing is silly and I don't buy into it. White capris are a great transition piece and always look put together and clean. For this simple outfit I paired my capris with wedge sandals and a cobalt blue blouse- a great color for any season, and threw a jean jacket on over the top. Mint accessories add another hue to the look. Side note, my nails don't always match my outfit (ain't nobody got time for that!) this just kind of happened.

I have a zillion sundresses and I love them all and can't wait to wear them when the seasons change. This look lets you get a bit of sun on your skin without being too springy too fast. I pair a cotton sundress with my boots, a light scarf with a cheery floral pattern, and my jean jacket (can you tell I'm all about the jean jacket right now? I love how it's casual and flattering). If temperatures rise, you can just shed the jacket and you're good to go.

I have wanted a polka dot sweater in my life for a LONG time. I found this one at JC Penney's on clearance for $8.95. Score! Even better, it is three-quarter sleeves so I can wear it into Spring too.

 Go classic with a polka dot sweater, cuffed dark wash jeans, and mary jane's. Add some extra sweetness with pearl earrings, soft curls, and lipstick. I love that this pattern is fun and bold- pairing it with these classic pieces makes it timeless and sophisticated. I don't wear heels a ton because I can't find pairs that are comfortable all day long, but when the ground is finally dry and the slip hazard reaches zero I can't resist.

Something I actually really love about Hermiston is that it barely ever rains- it's weird that I didn't live in my rain boots for half of the winter, so this spring brings less wardrobe change for me than usual! I can't complain.

Wherever you are and whatever you are up to- I hope that the beginnings of Spring bring you happiness, renewal, and inspiration!


pleated poppy


  1. Aww, I love the first outfit! And like you said ... I love the fact that you can "hide" leggings underneath a maxi :) I also like the polka dot sweater! Do you remember where did you buy it? Blessings! Marie

    1. Thank you Marie! I bought the sweater at JC Penney's on clearance for like $8.95... such a good deal :) Blessings to you!


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