Mama Tree

In my best moments of being a mom I see myself as a tree.  

Providing shelter and safety, a steady refuge.

Giving nourishment, lovingly pouring out life. 

A place of rest, of cool shade from the hot sun and busy world-

to seek growth and bloom peace, sow seeds of hope and harvest goodness.

Rooted deeply in love, quietness, wisdom, and beauty.

Embedded in the rhythms of the earth, branches reaching to the heavens.

A home for little ones

with strong limbs to hold them,

and a heart full of gratitude. 

In two days I leave a one year season of being rooted at home, which included almost ten months of being at home with my baby, which included many mama tree moments (but also some mama hurricane and mama desert moments). Before I return to work, I wanted to capture this newfound piece of myself I've discovered in my time at home with my little one. 

On the couch or the rocking chair, when I settle in to nurse or soothe my baby, I feel such a peace. The usually rowdy crazy dog settles in by my feet. I see his eyes close and feel his breathing slow. My sweet little one borrows her soft, tiny body close to me, she is nourished and safe and loved. The act of giving to them fills me up. 

I am so thankful for this season I've had at home. To build deep roots, to harvest peace. While my schedule will look different and days will be much more full, I look forward to finding this rest and joy at the end of each day.

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