My Story

I have been a small town girl my whole life.
I'm really bad at sitting still and I can't watch more than one movie in a day.
I'm a proud lefty.
I don't think I can go a day without chocolate. 
I've been blessed to do life with so many different and amazing people, and I have a big heart for connecting with others. 
Throughout life's trials, I have found that God has always been faithful and given me every reason to trust Him. He gives me joy and life. 
One of the ways I share my joy is through fitness, I enjoy teaching Jazzercise. I also accidentally became a special education teacher (long story), and delight in encouraging kids and helping students get through the crazy thing that is high school. 
I started this blog as a way to share my heart and creativity. I strive to live life with a full heart and lots of expression whether it be in my kitchen, my closet, through music, or any of the little projects I do to let out my creativity. 

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