This story begins with tax returns. 

Last March Daniel and I were on our way to H & R block to file our tax returns. We had mused about how if we had a good return, maybe we'd get a really nice vacuum. When we saw how the numbers turned out, we thought 'forget a vacuum, let's go to Disneyworld!'

The week before Christmas we finally got to take this wonderful trip! After trips like these I always have 400 pictures and a zillion stories to tell, so I wanted to challenge myself to just pick 7 pictures, and say exactly 70 words about each one :) 

Meeting characters is always fun and makes for the best souvenir pictures. On our first day, we went straight from our overnight flight into the Magic Kingdom! It was a crazy, delightful long day. In the evening we wandered around in a half-awake, blissful daze and found Goofy and Donald. When we took a picture with Donald, he pointed at Daniel’s Oregon Ducks sweatshirt and gave him a thumbs up.

The highlight of Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest. What makes Disney’s thrill rides so great is that they are not only a blast, but incredibly scenic. This train ride took us up a massive mountain, through a temple, and past a huge animatronic yeti. Disney does such a good job taking you to that place and time. We were lucky enough to ride this one three times in a row!

Epcot is an innovative, inspiring, and downright classy park. My favorite part was the World Showcase. Twelve countries are represented- their landmarks, food, and culture are displayed and shared around a glassy lake. As you walk into a country you see beautiful architecture, street performers, hear lovely world music, and smell delicious and authentic food. There’s incense burning in Morocco and acrobatic mimes performing in Paris. Here’s us in France.

The Christmas event we heard we just had to see was the Osborn Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it lived up to the high expectations. We walked around a crowded corner to this beautiful scene. Christmas music playing, angels blinking on and off, (soap) snowflakes falling from the sky. Two streets were completely decked out with an incredible  display of lights. It was just amazing.

On our vacation, we ate WELL. We scored a really great deal on a meal plan, so we enjoyed one quick service meal, one sit down meal, and two snacks per day. Not only was the food delicious, but this was usually our time to slow down and just relax and talk. We had every kind of food you can imagine and it was all amazing. Tiramisu from Epcot’s Italy.

Despite all of the grand scenery, this photo of my husband relaxing on 'the people mover' is one of my favorites. That was the true essence of our trip- experiencing it with each other and enjoying each other. Since marriage, most trips have been to visit family. We need to remember to do things just for us and to treasure each other. I'm proud of us for making this trip. 

Magic Kingdom's castle is absolutely gorgeous. I've always been a little underwhelmed with the Disneyland castle, this one more than makes up for it! It's even more beautiful at Christmas time decorated with sparkling lights. We watched a fantastic fireworks show right in front of the castle, and as we left the park on the final night I looked over my shoulder at the castle until the very last second. 

It was an incredible trip we will not soon forget. Way better than a new vacuum :)

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  1. Disneyland is a great place to enjoy and have fun. I take my kids there every year but this year I will be hosting the party at some private venues with help of corporate event planners and will invite only the office staff to this party.

    1. It sure is a great place. That sounds like fun!


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