Making the Most of an Apartment Living Room

When we first moved into our apartment a year and a half ago, I was elated. For one, it was our first place together. Secondly, we were finally moving in after a crazy first month in Hermiston. Finally, our apartment was even better than I imagined. I loved the big sunlit windows, cherry kitchen cabinets, and TONS of closet space! My vision for our living room began with a few token wedding gifts, and a Pinterest board, of course. I couldn't wait to go shopping and start decorating.

Just after we'd moved in, with my inspiration pieces scattered around and just the essentials (MarioKart, of course)

The boys mounting the TV (they didn't mean to match)
Our living room has come together piece by piece. Just recently Daniel put up some shelves, we purchased a few last decorative items, and he and a friend mounted the tv on the wall. It really feels like it has come together. I love the combination of warmth, coziness, and practicality.

Apartment living rooms often have that narrow shape that can restrict your options. They also usually aren't real spacious. Here's some tidbits from my experience to make the most of an apartment living room.

  • Make a cheerful window nook by placing an ottoman in front of the window. It doubles as storage! It's only the two of us a majority of time so the one couch is plenty.

  • This tray is perhaps the smartest purchase we've ever made. Ok, not really. There's no room for a coffee table, so being able to set this tray right on the couch is wonderful for reading with a cup of tea, binge watching Netflix with late night snacks, and so on.

  • If I could have 50 throw pillows I would. I love them. A variety of complimentary patterns add interest. 

  • Keeping wall hangings and shelves on the small side to leave white space, which makes the room seem bigger. Hanging them higher up makes the ceiling feel higher.

  • Pick key pieces to show your style and personality, keep them cohesive with similar textures and colors so it doesn't look cluttered

  • A 'dump station' by the door is incredibly convenient and wisely uses that awkward entry way space. A basket big enough for purses and room to stash shoes are practical. Dress it up with a vase and cute wall hangings.

  • Highlight windows to make natural light the center of your room, it adds a nice glow by morning or evening.

  • Pick a key color and add pops around the room to bring it all together (ours is turquoise)

 What tricks have you found for rocking the space you have? I hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room- now just imagine me sitting on the couch, drinking tea, and blogging :)

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  1. It looks great! We have a house but it is small. The living room is small and awkward so I'm always looking for ideas on how to make it work better. #Titus2Tuesday

  2. Hi I'm your neighbor at Classical Homemaking today. Love your apt. We lived in apartments the first ten years of our marriage until we could afford a home. You've decorated really cute.

  3. what a transformation! I like the hint of turquoise! I feel like I'm always getting new inspiration and wanting to change things up! I really like what you've done :)

  4. Lovely ideas!

    I often use an ottoman with a tray as a coffee table. The ottoman doubles as extra seating when people come over.

    Love the bit of turquoise (my favourite colour)!

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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