Simple Watercolored Letterings

I've realized words often speak to me more than images. I have really come to love lettering; marinating in a beautiful quote or scripture and slowly letting it fill up the page. I've developed a simple routine to make gorgeous watercolored letterings pretty easily. Whether or not you are an artist, I promise this is something you can do! 


White paper- I use thick watercoloring paper, but really anything will do
A pencil and good eraser
Water color paints in several colors- does not need to be anything fancy
Watercoloring paintbrushes in contrasting sizes
A fine-tip ink pen

1. The first step is to get the words. Browse Pinterest quotes, choose a scripture or lyric you love, or an inscription for a card.

2. Brainstorm fonts that fit the inscription. Play around with cursive, block letters, polished print, and a messy in-between scroll. You can stick with one font, or mix it up. If you like, make a rough draft.

3. Use pencil to carefully write the inscription on the final paper. Don't be afraid to use your eraser, or use a ruler to keep your font straight.

4. When you're happy with your inscription, begin watercoloring. I choose two to three colors and do some blending. I make my paints watery so that the words will be easy to see. Use the larger of the two brushes to do a base color, then use the smaller brush to add accents. Long, fluid swipes up and down makes a pretty swash. If the colors are too dark or bold for your liking, swipe over with a lightly watered brush to blend. Let dry.

5. When the paint is completely dry, use your fine-tip ink pen to trace over the penciled inscription. Be careful not to smear the ink. I often find that I add embellishments here, so give yourself freedom to stray from the penciling. Let dry and you have a beautiful print!

What to do with your art? I've enjoyed making personal cards with mine, or displaying as decor. You could also frame them, give them as gifts, or make bookmarks.

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