The Last Sunday of Summer at the Dahlia Festival

Sunlight streaming through endless fields of dahlias. A chance to stop and smell the flowers. A fancy picnic with a wonderful friend. 
On the first Sunday of September, my dear friend Tayleranne and I visited the Canby Dahlia Festival. I never realized how incredibly diverse dahlias are. From fluffy and chaotic to neat and round, from vivid pinks and yellows to soft whites, not to mention all their perfect and hilarious nametags, the dahlias continued to surprise us.  

We packed a picnic and I took the opportunity to use my favorite picnic basket, fun dishes, and mason jar glasses. 
Our Italian salad had spring mix, diced pancetta, goat cheese, pine nuts, and vinegar-soaked lemon cucumbers and onions, drizzled with a garlic parmesan Italian vinaigrette. 
We had pomegranate iced tea, raspberries, and crackers shmeared with pear, honey and ginger jam. After our picnic we perused the rows of flowers and of course took lots of pictures. 
Tayleranne wore an adorable chambray flutter-sleeve blouse, black jeans, sandals, her fabulous sunglasses, and some really fun tassle earrings. 
I wore a floral sundress from Old Navy, an oversize open cardigan, sandals, dangly earrings, and a fishtail braid. 

It was an absolutely perfect last Sunday of summer break. The Dahlia Festival runs Labor Day Weekend and the weekend before. It's free admission, and you can buy bundles of flowers there for a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend it for a family outing, relaxing date, or obviously, a picnic and walk with a sweet friend. 
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  1. I love Dahlia's they are so complex with their many petals yet so elegant as they grow tall and show one standout flower bloom!

  2. I caught the tulip festival earlier this year, but I had no idea there's a dahlia festival too. So beautiful, and looks like the two of you had a lovely time!

  3. This is so lovely! I didn't know this was happening! I also love your picnic basket, what a great idea!

  4. These photos are just beautiful! I love your cute outfits too!


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