say hi to high waisted pants

Is anyone one else a little sick of skinny leg tight pants? The variety of fit and style of pants this season is so timely and I am loving it.
In February I saw this pair of linen high-waisted pants in the window at Francesca's at the mall. I was there with a purpose- to use a Gap coupon on a sweater- however, I couldn't resist trying these pants on. Right when I hung them on the rack in the dressing room with a few others items, I got a notification from Paypal that I had just received a check for Jazzercise classes. It felt like a sign that I should buy these Natasha pleated cropped pants

Sometimes with a piece like these pants that's a little more high fashion, I feel like I need to break it in with simple staples. The first time I wore these pants, I paired them with a white tee, jean jacket, zip ankle boots, and a floral headband. 
The second time, I was ready to go bold with a ruffle-sleeve striped tee, sharp blazer, and wedge boots. 

To bring these pants into a more springy, cheerful look, I tucked in a tulip blouse and mustard flats. The filmy material of this top contrasts great with the pants. 
I love the high fashion feel of these pants and that they aren't your typical skinny, tight pant. In fact, they're rather comfortable and super wearable, I like that they feel both dressy and a little edgy. I found that the size ran a little small. Also note that if you are on the short side like me, they will not be a true crop. 
When I was reviewing my photos, I couldn't help but crack up at this one. 
Know that the internet is an extremely tailored and curated place, and while I choose the pictures where I look as cute and poised as the ones above, there are also these ones! 
Please tell me I don't make that face often in normal life. 
For some more bold styles check out my rose gold dot pants, this colorful dress, and three looks for linen pants.

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  1. Oh these are so cute on you! Love that green color too.

  2. I just tried on a pair of these but couldn't figure out how to style them. You've given me some inspiration!

  3. I love those pants! High waisted pants are a yes from me and I love how you styled them!


  4. I have definitely found high waisted pants to be more comfortable. I like you style them with more fitted tops. The outfit with the yellow shoes is probably my favorite.

  5. I LOVE the high waist styles that are coming out now. I totally want/need/have to get a pair!!!

  6. High waisted pants are such a fun change. Love how you styled yours.

  7. I love high waisted pants! Those are so cute on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Those pants look fantastic on you! I think my favorite outfit is the one with the floral blouse!


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