October Friday Favorites

Happy October! Here's an installment of highlights from this month and what I am loving. Today I have the day off and am enjoying a cozy day on the couch, still in my jammies at 11:20 am and rewatching Glee like it's 2010. 


We enjoyed the Hood River Fruit Loop with family. The views of Mt Hood were gorgeous, and it was just a nice day of time together exploring and having fun. See highlights of the fruit loop from my post last year.
I got a chance to take a Jazzercise class from the CEO and founders daughter- she's in front in the black. It was an awesome class and so surreal to meet her, I've watched her on training videos for at least 100 hours!
Being a teacher is a weird job. For our Homecoming assembly this year, we had a lip synch competition. A few staff from my department broke it down to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" in front of 1200 teenagers. We switched out the lyrics to be about school (i.e. "I'm 100% that teach"). We dressed as the bad asses we are, and before we started I was so nervous but once that spotlight hit my inner performer arrived. There was a live vote and we won!! It was so strange to go back to class after that, I did enjoy the comments from my students like "that performance though". The things we do for the kids!


This month Daniel and I watched Netflix's original series The Politician. It was very bingeworthy and interesting. A movie favorite recently was The Peanut Butter Falcon, it had a great representation of people with disabilities and was thought provoking. I recently read "Of Mice and Men" for the first time (I know, weird, but I'd read Grapes of Wrath so I felt ok on my Steinbeck cred), and found that to be an engaging quick read. Another recent impactful read was "Angry Conversations with God" by Susan Isaacs, which was refreshingly honest and also sentimental and hilarious.
I got to see one of my all time favorite alternative artists, The Rocket Summer, at Lola's Room at the Crystal Ballroom. Lola's Room is tiny and there were maybe 60 people in there. It was definitely the most unique concert I've been to! The Rocket Summer has some really positive and inspiring lyrics I've always enjoyed. 
This one is random, I was spending a little breather at a coffee shop one afternoon on a rough day. A little boy was there offering acorns to strangers. It was a tiny thing that brightened my day.


We are loving seeing a new season in our little house. My wildflower garden really took off at the end of the summer and I love using the flowers in vases. 

 My friend gave me this zz plant for my birthday and I love the cheer it brings to my dresser where I get ready in the morning. 
We got new appliances in our kitchen and it is such a nice upgrade. The door shelves on the fridge that came with our house were very broken, and all of the salad dressings jumped out of the door upon being opened many times (including a glass bottle of tapatio to the toe). I am so thankful to have a lovely and functioning fridge and oven now! We're working on finding a microwave the right size. 
We watched my mom's dogs while she was in Hawaii, and had so much fun with these little guys. I still miss them when I get home and they're not there excited to see me! It definitely made us want our own doggy more. 


Leopard is big this season and I'm loving it (Cheetah Girl since 2003). I love layering vests in the fall, and this is the first time I've really gotten into distressed jeans- I like the effortless edge they add to an outfit. 
I loved this whimsical look and the sassiness of ankle boots and a colorful headband. 


Fall flavors are some of my favorite, I am loving incorporating squash, sweet potatoes, and apples into meals, along with making things a little cozier with soups and warm meals. 
Daniel and I made our first ever apple pie from scratch, and a few weeks later made a crisp from Hood River apples for our turkey bake we did with friends. 
This is my first Friday Favorites in a bit and I'm happy I had time to share what I'm enjoying lately. Have a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to a mellow one at home. 

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  1. As the mom of a tween and a teen, I'm very grateful to all that you teachers do each day, but especially for the extra mile you go through to bring smiles and joy to their already stressful days. When they see teachers putting effort and heart into things like homecoming assemblies, it means a LOT more than you know! :)

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