Try-on Session: Fred Meyer's new clothing line Dip

Have you seen Fred Meyer/Kroger's new clothing line Dip? I've been intrigued ever since it hit the shelves late this summer. The line is insanely affordable and has a lot of trendy pieces and wardrobe staples. I squeezed in a try-on session before grocery shopping last week, because sometimes ya gotta do something fun for an incentive before wandering the grocery aisles. 


Dip has some really cute tops. The plaid blouse had a great sleeve detail. The peplum was just in the front so the volume in the waist area wasn't too much, and the sleeves were really fun. 
Can you tell that these sleeves were a little too crazy for me?


The slightly longer hem on this shirt dress was really stylish and different. 
The turtleneck sweater dress is something I never would have thought to try, but it was really cozy and surprisingly cute!


I loved the tie-waist detail on this sweater!

What Dip does well: 
  • Great basics: tees, tanks, and tunics perfect for leggings in solid colors and patterns
  • Versatile color palette, I could see myself wearing all of the colors
  • On-trend and modern silhouettes and cuts 
  • Cardigans! Their cardigans were hands down my favorite items. 
  • The price point is pretty fantastic- pretty much everything pictured was $20 or below. There was also a sale rack in the section with even better deals. 
Things to be aware of:
  • At a price point like this it's not surprising that the fabric quality is not the best. For example, the shape of the grey dress is lovely but the fabric was next-level clingy. I found the sweater fabric to be nice, though. 
  • Pants run very small. I usually wear size 8-10 and the 10 was quite a bit too small for me. 
  • Sizes of basics were really picked over, so if you want black leggings keep an eye out for a new shipment!
"Would Buy" favorites:
  • Grey top with lacy hem
  • checked shirt dress 
  • red boyfriend cardigan
  • pink chunky knit cardigan

 Do you like shopping for clothing at grocery stores from time to time, or are you strictly a brand name or mall person? 
I'm thinking I'll try out the Dip athletic line next- let me know if you'd be interested in another try-on sesh post!

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  1. So many great pieces! That checked top is so cute on you! I also love the tie-waist sweater and turtleneck sweater dress!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I just love the pink ruffle top and the grey dress! So many great pieces! :)


  3. The grey & lace top is adorable, and the grey dress looks fantastic on you! Cute selections. I'll have to check out their new line the next time I am in Fred Meyer!

  4. Looks like they have a some super cute things.

  5. I had no idea Fred Meyer sells clothes! I need to check these out

  6. I always forget that Fred Meyer sells clothes. You found some really cute pieces. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm out shopping.

  7. Love that pink top. I would totally buy my clothes from the grocery store. I did buy some jelly flats from Krogers once. I have also got a scarf from there as well.


  8. WOW ! I had no idea Fred Meyer sells clothes! Like whattt. Thank you for the great tips you had for us. sometime we got dragged at our usual shop place we forget that there are so many other places that sell clothes that might be stable pieces. your tips for this line is appreciated. I find them useful next time I am going there by myself enjoy "grocery shopping :P "


  9. Great advice! I love that in a try-on haul! And, you made me miss the Pacific Northwest! Two of my favorite tops, ever, were from Fred Meyer! So, sometimes you can find some great pieces!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

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