Santa Flaws

by Daniel Tew

Hello! For those of you that don't know me, I am Kelsey's husband, Daniel. With Kelsey's blessing, I am going to occasionally post on this blog. One of Kelsey's conditions of me blogging was to include an "About Me" section on my first post. So let me first tell you a bit about myself before I get to my blog.

I am a 6th grade teacher at Sandstone Middle School. I teach Language Arts and Social Studies. I have always wanted to teach and enjoy the challenges and rewards that come with teaching. I am a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are the Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Seahawks and the Oregon Ducks. I am an avid reader and plan to read (at least) 50 books in 2015. If you have any book suggestions please send them my way! Besides sports and reading, I also enjoy comic books, hiking and video games. I love my wife and love experiencing life together.

Now without further adieu, my inaugural contribution to "A Cup of Tea with Kelsey!"

Santa Claus, a holly jolly man who is devoted to spreading joy to children around the world one day a year by delivering presents. At first glance, he seems like a great guy. He is jolly and gives freely and only asks in return for cookies and milk. However, Santa's portrayal in movies and television specials can sometimes be more naughty than nice. I have compiled a list of five Santas and examine their flaws. I am not writing this list to be a Scrooge but instead to highlight some flaws of Ol' Saint Nick.

5. "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus"

I will admit a bit of bias on this first Santa. "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" is one rendition of Santa Claus that I cannot stand. The movie follows the ascension of Nicholas into the beloved Santa Claus. What really is upsetting to me about this Santa is the existence of so many other mythical creatures. Instead of just sticking to toys, this Santa spends a majority of the movie fighting
Awgwas. The Awgwas are troll like creatures who are hellbent on preventing Nicholas from delivering joy to children. While I get that Santa embodies good, I don't care to see him as a fighter. I believe Santa Claus should be seen as pacifist who is more content to deliver joy in the form of toys. This version of Santa is bizarre and the story does not even take place near the North Pole. Did I mention that Santa Clause is raised by a lioness?

Character Flaw: Santa is a lover, not a fighter!

4. "The Year Without A Santa Claus"

This special is one of my personal favorites including some underrated holiday characters (Jingle, Jangle and the Miser Brothers). However, the whole premise of the movie revolves around Santa wanting to play hooky for a year. While I get that being Santa can be a thankless job, it's hard to be sympathetic to someone who works one 'real' day in a year. If it wasn't for the behind the scene work of Mrs. Claus, Santa would have been content taking the year off depriving children all around the world of the joy of opening Christmas presents. While the movie itself is great, I believe that Santa could have gotten by with just an energy drink and a positive attitude.

Character Flaw: Santa should be a hard worker.

3. "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"

"Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" Santa Claus spends the majority of this film believing Rudolph isn't deserving to be on his team. When Rudolph is born, Santa tells his parents that he better grow out of his shiny nose if he ever wants to help out on Christmas. Instead of accepting Rudolph for who he is, Santa instills early on that he is a misfit. Also for a guy who seems to have a lot of knowledge (i.e. knowing when your sleeping) he somehow has been able to overlook an entire island of misfit toys. We aren't talking about one or two toys but legitimately a WHOLE ISLAND of toys. Santa eventually makes up for mistreating Rudolph and not knowing about the misfit toys. However, he should have been accepting of both all along. 

Character Flaw: Santa should be accepting of everyone including misfits.

2. "A Christmas Story"

Ah, "A Christmas Story," filled with so many memorable scenes from the leg lamp, bunny pajamas, stick your tongue to a flag pole and of course, the official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle. With all these show stealing scenes, Santa almost goes by unnoticed. When young Ralphie tells Santa what he wants for Christmas, Santa responds by saying, "you'll shoot your eye out." While this phrase is repeated by various adults, it hurts coming from Santa Claus albeit a department store Santa. Santa should inspire dreams, not crush them. The Santa from "A Christmas Story" has some of the creepier elves that do not inspire holiday cheer. Also, who could forget the fact that to add insult to injury, Santa shoves Ralphie down a slide.

Character Flaw: Santa doesn't need to be the voice of reason but should encourage big dreams.

1. "Frosty the Snowman"

There are places children should be and some places that children should NOT be. For most people, knowing the difference between the two is common sense. Unfortunately this is not the case for Santa in "Frosty the Snowman." Karen, a school girl, had one long and dramatic day including:

1. Witnessing a Snowman come to life
2. Traveling by train to the North Pole
3. Watching said Snowman melt
4. Being followed/stalked by a magician
5. Learning of the existence Santa Claus

What is the perfect ending for such an exhausting day? Anything but what Santa does with poor Karen. Santa decides to drop Karen off on her roof before completing his journey around the world. Assuming that Santa delivered presents to Karen's house he would have gone down the chimney. It's hard to justify how an adult would leave a child on the roof of a house in the middle of the night while it is snowing! It may be just one detail, but I believe this is a huge character flaw.

Character Flaw: Santa should be responsible, especially when interacting with children.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you agree with the order? Let me know if there are any other Santa Flaws you have noticed in other movies.

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