What I learned in the Herm

I moved to Hermiston barely two weeks married, six months out of college, and only having lived within the same 40 mile radius. I never expected to move to what I then knew as some desert town that grew watermelon, and I didn't necessarily have the best attitude. This Saturday, our chapter in Hermiston comes to a close. I'm a sentimental person, and I can't help but share my reflections on this season, both profound and silly.

What I learned in the Herm 

1.What goatheads are, that 'rig' is a synonym for car, and the Round Up is a big deal. 

2. How to truly lean on my husband and give priority to marriage. 

3. I learned how to lose myself in service to others as a special education teacher, and decided to pursue this passion as a career. 

4. That driving 11 hours in one weekend is worth it when you get to play hide and seek with your niece and nephew. 

5. I had the extremely valuable experience of learning about and becoming comfortable with a culture other than my own. 

6. How to take out a car loan, plan a big vacation, and effectively meal plan. 

7. That it's totally okay to still ask your parents for wisdom.

8. Oregon is not what the stereotypes say. The concept of hipsters, coffee shops, and constant rain reflects the Willamette Valley, but certainly not the rural side of the state. 

9. I became a Jazzercise instructor and diversified my fitness experience. 

10. That tumbleweeds are legit and can be quite scary when the wind is really blowing. 

11. For the first time, I belonged to a church and enjoyed being part of an all-ages church family. 

12. Sagebrush, golden fields, and sunsets on a flat landscape have their own kind of beauty.

13. The depth of the faithfulness of God and his ability to heal, provide, and sustain. 

14. A new appreciation for technology and how easy it makes staying in touch with loved ones from afar. 

15. What it's like to be outside in  both -12 and 114°F  weather.

16. That no matter where I go, God can use my heart and gifts to make an impact. 
It's just crazy to think that Hermiston will be just a short chapter of our lives. On Saturday morning, I will drive away from this desert town that grows not only watermelon, but generous people, and beautiful sunshine, tight-knit community, and small town charm... with a full and thankful heart for our time here. 


  1. Kelsey, you leave Hermiston a better place just by having been here! You will be missed!!

  2. What a great list! I know many will miss you in Hermiston. But if course I'm so happy that you and Daniel are moving to Canby!:) I'm glad that I got to visit you in Hermiston and explore the area.

  3. This is so sweet! There's a possibility we may move to a small town in the future and this was nice to read :)

    Katherine | www.oneswainkycouple.com


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