Wear Cozy to Work

I really enjoy dressing professionally and nicely. It just makes me feel more prepared to take on the world and whatever the day may hold. It bummed me out when I got to college and realized that students wore more jeans and sweatshirts than anything else. So since I've joined the workforce, I've enjoyed getting to dress up most days. I love pencil skirts, cute flats, nice capris, dressy tops, and all of those great professional options... that is until winter.

During the cold months all I want to wear is thick socks, knitted scarves, leggings, boots, and sweaters. It's hard to get ready for work and put on something stiff and probably not all that warm. At first I tried to just deal and wear flats and heels to work and have freezing feet all day, but looking around at teachers at school, Pinterest, and so on, I've found some ways that you really can take cozy to work. 

(Note that the schools I was working at during this time were pretty casual, no one was wearing heels or a shirt and tie everyday. This style might not be right for a work setting with a strict dress code.)

I think one of the keys to being able to wear your cozy layers is having something structured in your outfit, I like to pair a flowy dress with a structured jacket. This takes it from 'I'm just going to stay home, read, and drink tea today' to 'I'm here and ready to be productive'.

I find another way to make cozy work-appropriate is to keep the colors professional. I like warm, natural tones with just hints of wilder colors. I like to save my brighter colors for the Spring!

Sweaters and boots are pretty much ideal for winter, make the casual look work-place ready by adding a flowy blouse and dressy accessories (you can't really tell in the following picture, but I'm wearing a short pearl necklace) 

I think tights can also be a great alternative to leggings, they are also comfy but look a bit dressier. They're also a good way to wear your favorite flats without exposing your feet to the cold! 

Until Spring when we can bust out the sun dresses and sandals, and don't want to hibernate in our sweaters and leggings anymore, I hope this inspires you with some sneaky ways to wear your favorite cozy comfy items to work!

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