Quick & Cozy Knit Blanket

Ahhh, it is finally that cozy time of year.

 I actually knit this blanket for a friend's bridal shower last May, but I was waiting for the perfect time to post it. 

In November, the chill in the air makes us want to curl up inside, and it's time to start thinking about handmade Christmas gifts! 

This is the first blanket I have ever knit. It was simple, quick, and incredibly cozy. One really nice thing I discovered about knitting blankets is that they cover your lap as you go, so you get to test out the coziness!

This is a great blanket for a beginning knitter. The only skills necessary are casting on and off, knit, and purl.

Quick and Cozy Knit Blanket


12 skeins of any chunky yarn 
Circular needles size 50 (or the biggest you can find!), long length


1. Cast on 80 stitches, adjust amount depending on desired width.
2. Knit two, Purl two until your blanket is the desired length. 
3. Cast off! It's as simple as that. 

If you are thinking about any knitted Christmas gifts this year, this is a great one. It's versatile in that you can choose any color a loved one would like, and it can be made any size, and tassels or embellishments could be added easily. I'm definitely thinking about knitting a few for Christmas this year!

Are you thinking of any homemade gifts for this holiday season? What have you been knitting? Thanks for stopping by! 

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