So I Finally Got Some Ankle Boots...

Ok, all you fashion bloggers out there. You finally convinced me I needed some ankle boots. 

My calves are of the more bulky (ahem, strong) variety, and I always believed that ankle boots would accentuate that in the wrong way. However, I've found them to be extremely flattering when paired with the right outfit! They also have that awesome cross over vibe of country yet rebellious yet chic that makes you feel so confident and cool- how can one shoe be all that at once?!

For a relaxed fall outfit I paired my ankle boots with cuffed dark wash jeans, a moody floral blouse, and a slouchy salmon sweater. 

Want to know how to get those windswept waves? Well, I curled my hair in the morning, then waited outside school for 10 minutes in intense wind waiting for my husband to pick me up. A naturale! 

Side note: I've heard these often called booties, which I think is a cute name for them, but when I searched 'booties' on Pinterest for some outfit inspiration I also got lots of tips on how to lift and tone my butt. Ha! I think I'll call them ankle boots online to avoid any confusion...

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  1. Love these ankle boots! Haha! That is too funny!


  2. Ankle booties are the best!! These are awesome! I have a bullkier (a-hem stronger) calf as well, and a bootie with a little heel elongates that! You look great!

    xx, EE

    1. That's so true that the little heel elongates! Thanks Elise :)


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