Post-Workout Snack Attack

You just finished a workout. You feel great, sweaty, and HUNGRY. It's a couple of hours until a meal- what to do? It's time for a post-workout snack attack.

But what to eat? Here's a great graphic from Nuts.com

I seek snacks that are quick, simple, and contain protein to refuel muscles and healthy fats to feel satisfied. Today I want to share with you my favorite snacks to refuel after a good sweat session.

Energy Bites. I teach a 5:30 am Jazzercise class twice a week, and these are the perfect pre and post-workout morsel. I grab them from the fridge on my way out the door on those early mornings. I love to make a batch on Sunday and snack on them all week. They consist of nourishing, filling ingredients and there are so many different recipes and flavors on Pinterest. Some of my favorites are lemon poppyseed, pretzel pecan, and of course these peanut butter chocolate ones I made this week.

 Tuna and Toast. Here's a super simple one. Just open a can of tuna, add a little mayo if you like, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Spread it on some whole wheat toast (Dave's killer bread is amazing with this) and enjoy. Another option is dipping crackers in the tuna. If you want to add a little veggie, you can add peas to your tuna. 

Trail Mix. Make it sweet and salty with nuts and dried fruit. Add seeds, granola, a little cereal, whatever you want! This is a great snack to have on hand and it's fun to make your own. I am getting bored of my usual craisins and raisins, I'm thinking this dried berry mix or dried peaches would be an amazing addition!

Banana Boats. This is a classic. Make a little indent down the middle of the banana, spread some peanut butter, top with chocolate chips, and you have a delectable snack.

Smoothies. So many varieties! You can pack in the fruits and veggies and I love any excuse to use a straw. For an extra boost you can add in protein powder, flax seed, chia seed, or hemp hearts.

Quick grabs. When I really need something that doesn't require prep I go for protein bars, greek yogurt, or a slice of cheese. 

Healthy Carbs. This post from positivehealthwellness.com includes some awesome post-workout meal and snack inspiration for getting some of those healthy carbs along with protein. Check out their tuna and crackers, and turkey wraps. 

For more ideas, check out this awesome resource about healthy snacks. There's info on smart snacks to choose at the movies, snacks to enhance your focus power for studying, and some seriously wonderful looking recipes (Healthy Vegan Chocolate Truffles and Pumpkin Granola Bars?! Yum!).

I know I'm always looking for ways to get more protein into my diet, this page has a lot of great ideas too. Sometimes its hard to think past beef jerky when including protein in a snack. I want to get all the protein I need, but I'm trying to eat less meat, so this page is so helpful and has great ideas for vegetarian protein sources too.

As my shirt says- good things come to those who sweat! This is my post-workout sweaty selfie :)

I know exercising is a sunny spot in my day, and it's even better when it's followed by a wholesome, yummy snack. What's your favorite way to break a sweat? What's your post workout snack of choice? Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I always forget to snack after working out! I am definitely going to try making smoothies to enjoy post workout.

    I'd love it if you shared this at my weekly link party!!

    1. We have decided to feature this post in next link up, tomorrow at 6! Stop by, grab a button and share anything else you are working on : )

  2. Your Energy Bites look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Full Plate Thursday and come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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