Transitional Teacher Style

I'm a high school special education teacher. I work mostly with students who are in general education classes throughout the day, and come see me for support. I give lessons in study skills, transition, reading, writing, and math. After our lesson I help them with whatever they need, whether that's help with science, math, health, proofreading papers, cleaning out their backpack, making a plan for passing a class, crunching numbers for graduation progress, finding a job, talking strategy for getting up on time for school, or just having a place to decompress. I have small classes (15 students or less) and I get to know my kids really well. They both challenge and inspire me on a daily basis- and I hope I do the same for them. 

When I talk transition with my students, we're talking about what's next for them after high school. It's one of our most important subjects. When I talk transition in this post, I'm talking about that in between time from winter to full blown spring. Here in the PWN in the spring it might feel like June for a day, then revert to February the next day. I'm sharing some styles I've worn to school in this transitional season. 
It will quickly become very obvious that a long open sweater is my favorite layering piece this season. My classroom runs pretty cold, so a piece like this keeps me cozy, while the open style lets fun patterns and accessories peep out. 
 This cardigan in particular is clearly a favorite. Although I don't work with young kids, I feel like being a teacher gives me license to extra fun patterns and colors. Adding cheer and vibrance to the school environment always feels good. I love to bring boots with me into spring- they really help smoothly bring looks from rain to sunshine. 
 A jean jacket is a good alternative layer. Tights are the answer when I want to wear a dress but it's a little chilly.
 A floral blouse with basics brings in some sunshine and spring. I love when it's warm enough to let a little ankle or knee get some sun!
When it's cold and I need a cozy sweater and pants, cheerful colors help brighten things up. I have always been a yellow girl and I am loving all the yellow hues this season.

For more teacher looks, check out back to school style. To read more about the job I love, check out what it's really like to be a special education teacher and the accidental teacher.


  1. Very cute transitional looks! Perfect for working in a school! I love the maxi dress one!

  2. Really cute looks! I sure didn't dress this cute when I taught! I really like your yellow floral blouse!

  3. So cute! I'm a teacher too and from the PNW! I currently work from home though... Love the outfits!

  4. Fun prints, denim and cardigans! Looks like great teacher style to me! My mantra for teacher style in those transitional seasons is "Layer, layer, layer!"

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

  5. I love your big floral print tops! And that white dress with the tiny black print. Thank goodness for dedicated teachers like you who help students with a big life tradition!

  6. You have a cute style! I think layering is key!


  7. I love your style! I have been trying to dress in "real" clothes these last few weeks (SAHM mom frump got the best of me) and I am always looking for fun ideas. I really love that yellow sweater outfit and the blue skirt with the floral top on you!

  8. Lots of cute outfits here, cardigans are the best layering piece all year round!

  9. Cute looks! I especially like the outfits that have a brightly colored sweater or cardigan. Love a fun pop of color!

  10. Your teacher style for Spring is so cute, fashionable, approachable, colorful and comfortable, Kelsey. So many cute looks. You wear all yellows so well! Love the floral pieces.

    Welcome by today's Thursday Moda to link up! Thanks. =)



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