Tips and Tricks to Every Stage of Going for Bold Bangs

Full bangs are a bold and stylish choice. Most of us start out as little girls with full bangs, and getting them chopped again can make us worry we'll look like our eight year old selves. I went for it and got full bangs Fall 2016, and I'm so glad I did! I wanted to share some tips and tricks for every stage of bangs. 

Before Getting Bangs

I thought about getting full bangs for about two years before I finally went for it. When I did, I wished I had done it sooner! they are so fun, stylish, and mix up your look. Here's some things to keep in mind when you are thinking about bangs:
  • Save some pictures of bangs you like that will suit your face shape
  • Make an appointment with a hairstylist/salon that you trust
  • Pick a bangs icon- someone who totally rocks bangs that will help you feel confident with the big change! Mine was, of course, Zooey Deschanel. 
  • Refresh your makeup stash. In those first few days you might feel a little self conscious about  looking young with bangs, and knowing your makeup looks grown up and stylish can give you a confidence boost. 
Know that your hair may rebel against bangs for a few days and you have to train them to go where they need to. It just takes a few days and then they'll start to behave.
Before Bangs
My first day with bangs 

Keeping Up Your Bangs

You will enjoy having bangs much more if you keep them up.
  • Set a regular appointment at a consistently available time. My hair dresser and I had a standing appointment immediately after work on Thursdays every three weeks for a bang trim. I always noticed they were getting a little long just days before my trim.
  • A blowdryer is your friend. I usually am not a big dryer user, I have really thick hair and it takes forever to dry. With bangs, however, using a blowdryer is a must. Crazy morning hair can be easily fixed with a spray bottle and a quick blow dry of the bangs. 
  • Hairspray with a flexible hold can keep them in place while avoiding the shiny mushroom look.
Half ups, updos, and headbands all look adorable with bangs. Have fun mixing it up!

Have fun with headbands, hats, and updos.
It's time for a trim when your hair really starts getting in your eyes. 

Growing Your Bangs Out

When you decide it's time to move on from full bangs, it can be a little daunting. Fear not, the process won't take as long as you think and there are some great ways to minimize the awkwardness.

  • Ask your hairdresser to cut your bangs at an angle. That way they won't have an odd blocky edge as they grow. 
  • Have tricks up your sleeve to pull back your bangs for those days that they are just not working. A little twist or braid will help get them out of your way.
  • After they have grown for several months, have them shaped up by your hairdresser. It seems counterintuitive to cut your bangs when trying to grow them out, but they'll get heavy and shapeless without a trim. 
  • Consider smoothing the transition with side bangs. You might even decide to stay there for a while! They add a nice face framing touch and are less high-maintenance than full bangs. 
Bangs cut at an angle for easier grow-out.
 After a couple month's growth
Trimmed and shaped up 
Side bangs!

One last tip

 I got my bangs in September and started growing them out in May. I felt like this was perfect timing. Bangs are really cute for cozy fall and winter looks, but not the best for summer. My awkward grow out time was during the summer, when I don't worry about my hair much anyway. I would definitely recommend a similar timeline!
Have you ever wanted full bangs? Have you gone for it? Let me know in the comments below!

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