Corner Fireplace Makeover

My husband and I moved into a beautiful, brand new apartment in June. We first visited the complex in May, right after Daniel got his job and we were trying to figure out where to live. When we toured the model unit, I thought it was the most gorgeous apartment I had ever seen. God made it clear that Canby was where he wanted us to live, and we felt so blessed to move into this beautiful space! 

 Our space has a lot of great touches, including built-in shelves (I'm sure that will be it's own post at a a later date), vaulted ceilings, and a corner electric fireplace.  I love the layout of our living space, but felt that when the fireplace was off it looked a little too much like a second tv inserted into the wall. 

We brainstormed how we could make the fireplace shine and stand out from the rest of the wall. We decided a little color would do the trick! 

I had some color inspiration while browsing a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. I wanted something that was cheerful and soothing at the same time, and this beautiful hue does just that. It turned out a little more blue than I was originally hoping, so I decorated it with some green and teal glass from Michaels to bring out the green tones. 
This gold chalkboard is actually from our wedding, a friend did a great job refurbishing a frame for me. Now it serves as a mantle centerpiece. I have fun changing out the saying throughout the year.

 Every now and then I am lucky enough to have fresh flowers, but a touch of silk flowers and can't-kill-em (ahem, fake) succulents adds to the fresh vibe. 
The corner fireplace at first felt a little awkward to decorate, but while playing around with frames, candles, and other knick knacks I found that a variety of heights, hues, and textures filled it out well. 
We are loving having a fireplace, and look forward to cozying up around it now that the weather is cooling down. I have some fall touches up now, and I am sure Daniel is already day dreaming about Christmas decorations! Last year we got a Christmas squirrel... maybe he will be the centerpiece. Who knows! Hopefully the nativity will get that spot though, as it should...

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  1. I love the pop of color! We redid our mantle with some photos, my favorite vase and our kids' artwork, and it's so much prettier now.

  2. Yes, pops of colors are so nice! :) Nice makeup

  3. What a great space! I love cozying up around a fireplace so much :)

  4. That fireplace is awesome. Love that color! I'd be too afraid to experiment with colors like that but it looks SO good! And love the chalkboard paint frame. It's so fun to be able to change up the quotes throughout the year! Cheers to your awesome place :)

  5. love the colors you chose they looks so homey great job
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