Polka Dots, Yellow, & Joy


One of my favorite things to do is to share joy.
Through a smile, a hug, laughter, appreciation...
At work, with family, at Jazzercise, through social media...
and through my style.
Yellow and polka dots are some of my joyful staples, so this outfit just felt like the most natural thing ever. 
The dress is Old Navy (I got it for $12 during their January clearance!), boots were a fabulous Goodwill find, and the coat was a gift from Nordstrom BP about 7 years ago. 
What aspect of your personality do you share through your style?
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  1. That jacket is awesome and I love the boots.

  2. Those boots are such a great find! Same with that dress. Awesome! I can't say I express much about my personality with my style... or maybe I do? I get my clothes mostly from Target. I'm a jeans and tank top gal. What does that say about me?? ;)

  3. I don't spend a lot of time on choosing my outfits—it's just not my preferred outlet of creativity—but I'd say my style communicates that I'm pretty laid back.

  4. That dress is adorable! Old Navy has had some cute dresses - and what a bargain too! My style is pretty minimal - lots of black, with little pops of whimsy and color here and there. I like little details on otherwise plain clothes :)

  5. I have a bright yellow jacket like that too (it's a tad more chartreuse), but I get compliments ALL the time. Love the pop of color!

  6. I love that yellow coat! It's the perfect sunny color for a dreary winter day!

  7. That yellow jacket is great! I am always a little jealous of people who can wear yellow: it usually makes me looks sallow.

  8. The color yellow definitely makes me think of joy and I think that is a good trait to have... I love to be around others that are joyful and it def. rubs off on me. You look cute as can be in this!!


  9. Oh my gosh aren't you the cutest in this dress! Love it with the boots and that coat is fabulous!


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