Treat Yo Self, Love Yo Self

If you've had the pleasure of enjoying the show Parks & Recreation, you know what I mean when I say 'Treat Yo Self'. Just in case you haven't watched it yet, 'Treat Yo Self' is a tradition between some of the characters where they spend a day buying, doing, and eating whatever fabulous things they feel like.
Without a doubt I have 'Treat Yo Self' days where I spend too much at the mall and have seconds (or thirds) of ice cream. However, I've found that I feel my best when I include those moments throughout each week. 'Treat Yo Self' really means to love yourself, treat yourself with kindness, and take care of yourself.
We are all so different in what makes us feel our best. As I discover more about myself, I find that there are some rituals that really help me to be my best and 'Love Yo Self'.


I am the best me when I get to create. I need to have an outlet of some sort. When I go a few days without engaging in some sort of self-expression, I can definitely tell. Whether it's knitting, cooking, blogging, writing, singing and playing instruments, or dancing, I need a way to get my hands, feelings, and style in the creation of something. 


I thrive on connection with others. Hugs and exchanged smiles keep me happy. Specifically, I find that I get filled up and refreshed when I have great conversations with other women. Whether over tea, wine, or FaceTime, sharing lives and thoughts with a sister really fills me up and makes me feel heard and understood. I recently realized how satisfying these talks are for my mental health, and decided to make it a goal to have a great conversation with a female loved one at least once a week. 


I'm not just saying this because it is good for you. Exercise is absolutely essential for my mental health. I discovered the joy of exercise during a tough transition in life, and have not been able to drop it ever since because it is just so good for me. Even just taking a little lap around the park when I'm bummed can hugely lift my spirits. I've found too that variety is key with me for exercise. I teach Jazzercise a couple of times a week, but I also like to run, walk, lift weights, and hike when I get the chance. I've also recently taken up yoga once a week and that has been a game changer. I look forward to that time of relaxation every week.


We are so plugged in to technology, routines, and to-do lists all the time. It takes some self-control to find quiet moments in the day, but I've found it is so worth it. I usually find my quiet moments in the morning when I pray, read scripture, and set positive intentions for the day. Sometimes after work I find quietness when I choose to sit down and read or linger in the park enjoying nature rather than getting right to chores. For me, quietness is rest. 
These are the main components I've discovered that help me be my best self. When I am taking care of myself and fulfilling these deep-seated needs, I find I am better able to do my job well and love others well. What routines do you incorporate into your life to 'Treat Yo Self' and 'Love Yo Self'? What makes you your best you?
If you are exploring self-care for the first time or want to learn more, here's an amazing post including lots of resources for the many facets of loving and taking care of ourselves.

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  1. Can I be one of your "female loved ones" you connect with?

    1. I would say you have been, I always appreciate when we get to catch up at get togethers!

  2. I'm with ya on all of these! Especially with kids, the balance of me time, time with my girlfriends, and exercise time is vital to my daily routine!

  3. These are great ideas. I especially resonated with the points about adding creativity and exercise to your routine.

  4. Those are all wonderful selfcare tips! I especially am with you on the create and connecting parts. I am not myself when I don't create for a couple days or go to long without a good conversation with a friend. The moving one affects me more than I realize too, since I started doing yoga a couple years ago, I find I am more restless and short on patience if I don't include it in my weekly routine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Taking care of self is so important but most of us put it on the back burner. Great tips.

  6. In my experience, it's a lifelong pursuit of happiness, and self-care is key. Be glad you are figuring this out sooner than later!

  7. Hi, These are all great tips for self-care and I can relate to a lot of them. I think my most needed self-care right now is getting outside for fresh air and nature! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Kelsey, You were listing things in this post that I love to do to take care of myself. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that if I am not creative I get cabby. Need an outlet for all those creative juices. Love your sentence about it is best to spread some of these things out over the week, instead of trying to do it all in a day. This gives us something to look forward to as the week unfolds.

  9. Such great advice. I find that one of the things I have to do each day is deliberately disconnect from technology for a time. I try to swim laps as many days a week as possible, and being able to turn everything else off for that hour or so each day is invaluable to my overall wellbeing.


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