Dreamy Rustic Modern Bedroom

Our master bedroom has been a longtime vision of mine. When I look back at the Pinterest boards I created when we were waiting to move into our first apartment, it actually looks like my bedroom! 
 Furniture has come and gone, the decorations have been on two different sides of the state, and a wall has been painted... and I feel like my vision has finally come together. I wanted our room to be cozy, soothing, cheerful, mellow and functional, with personal details.

The mix of IKEA furniture and shabby chic decor is unexpected, but somehow works to create the vibe I wanted. The vaulted ceilings begged for an accent wall and we went with Miller Paint's High Sky.

The set of circular mirrors used to live above our dining table. I like the reflection catches the hue of the accent wall. 

We received our Malm bed frame as a hand-me-down and decided to get the matching dresser. IKEA furniture is sleek and clean for a smaller space. One of the personal touches is Daniel's running sign, which holds race bibs and medals. It was an anniversary present made by a wonderful Etsy artist. 
I love highlighting our wedding photos in our bedroom decorations. 

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  1. Decorating a bedroom feels so good, doesn't it?!
    I love the throw at the end of your bed!

  2. You room looks so cozy and stylish! It makes me want to do a bit of sorting out myself! x

  3. Looks fantastic. I love how you've utilized the dresser in your bedroom to display the things you love. Also, I love how the sunshine comes so softly into your room, great photos.I recently redid our bedroom as well after years and years of whatever, it was finally the master bedrooms time, haha.


  4. SO very pretty. I love that you've decorated with your wedding photos -- such a sweet reminder of your special day. Now I've been inspired to fix up my room...


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