Sister Date

At the very core of me, I am a feeler. My feelings are big and real and always present. My heart is on my sleeve and I love to share it with others. One thing I've noticed about my big, feeler heart is that often times when I sit across from someone I love and share encouragement and real talk with them, my sight gets blurry and my throat gets tight. 
This happens often when I talk with my sister, Taylor. 

I am so proud of my sister. She is a simply amazing mom to a five year old boy and an almost three year old girl. She is a wonderful wife. She loves and leads as a teacher in a 2nd grade classroom. Her patience, persistence, great ideas, and drive to always grow and improve color every aspect of her life. There are so many demands of her time and energy, yet she brings strength and positivity to every day. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon just Taylor and I.

We went to Sabai Cafe at Oakway Center in Eugene and enjoyed some delicious Thai cuisine. Taylor had Chicken Pad Thai, and I had these delightful pockets of love. Rice paper, cream cheese, and crab wrapped in rice paper and fried are complimented by sweet chili dipping sauce. 
 We sat in the cafe talking long after our plates were cleared. Chances like this- to laugh over shared experiences, to lighten our load as we confess our worries, to reflect on our work, family, and marriages, to encourage one another in our growth and challenges- chances like this are not to be missed.
 I had to nab some sisterly photos, as Taylor always looks adorable and I can't resist adding her style to my blog. We both wore casual outfits that transition into early spring. I wore crushed velvet Old Navy Pixie pants, a bird shirt from H&M (see another look with this shirt here) and a pop of color with my Gap cardigan. This gold bag is my constant companion and holds everything I could possibly want to carry.

Taylor wore black skinny jeans, a slouchy gray striped tee, and a classic jean jacket. She always has fun and feminine jewelry. We both enjoyed wearing flats, a nice change from winter boots.
 I am so thankful for my sister and her incredible drive and love, and the bond we will always share!
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  1. Awww lovely sister date. Love your sister's outfit, too. You both look so cute and chill.

    Hope you had a great Easter! Welcome by and join our monthly Sunday Showcase this month. Thanks. =)


  2. Love this Kelsey. You both are so beautiful.

  3. I can tell you guys are the best of friends and how great is that! You both look amazing!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  4. What a lovely sister date!! Sounds like you two have a fantastic relationship.

  5. What a sweet ode to your sister and here's to more sister dates!

  6. I don't have a sister but I hope one day my littles will have sister dates.

  7. I'm glad you had a nice lunch date with your sister. Aren't sister awesome.



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