Practical ideas for easy to clean home décor

Being at home is so much more relaxing when everything is clean and tidy, and keeping your home clean can be more efficient when you have easy to clean materials! Today I am partnering with Alex Farley, who owns a small cleaning company in the UK, Superb Cleaning Services. This article shares some great tips for making your home easy to clean and enjoy!
Regardless of your nationality, the language which you speak or your favourite music, we are all united by one common aim – to design our lives in a way that makes them as uncomplicated and undemanding as possible. Intuitive solutions have been here for a long time, but recently they’re gaining even more popularity. Self-manageable and self-cleaning homes are no longer a thing from far future science fiction books, in the foreseeable future we’ll witness grand changes in our lifestyle and we can begin with some (not so) small floor-to-ceiling improvements today.

Floors – go hard

The key word when it comes to flooring is non-porous. In your pursuit of hygiene and cleanliness, what you should steer clear of, is grainy and uneven textures. The dirt tends to hide in these miniature nooks and cleaning any spillage is extremely time-consuming – you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life! Opt for concrete, marble, or stained concrete, which can be further enhanced with a sealer. For the bedrooms, a very nice option is installing carpet tiles, which make cleaning the individual tiles under running water a piece of cake.

Self-manageable kitchen

A magnificent invention you were able to only dream of 10 years ago, is central vacuum system with sweep inlets. Install it on the bottom part of your counters and bending over to sweep the last crumbles will become a thing from the past. What a time to be alive! As for the countertops themselves, the best solution is sealable ones, which will prevent germs accumulation and grout. Another option is countertops made of stainless steel or quart, which don’t require sealing and come in one big piece. Cleaning them is very easy, because they’re stainproof and they can seamlessly integrate sinks and backsplash. Also, they look fantastically refined and add a classy touch to your kitchen. Speaking of backsplash, we recommend choosing a glass one. It will protect from the occasional splatters while not hiding your wall colour. You can even make it more intricate, with the infinite number of glass designs you can choose from.

Let it roll

If you want to save cleaning time and space while keeping your things in a safe space, rollout storages are made for you. They can hold tons of items, such as canned food, off-season clothes, cleaning products. They are easy to clean and definitely keep clutter at bay, while displaying your belongings in a well-organized fashion. Perfect places to utilize with such storages can be the place between your fridge and the wall, spaces behind doors and under windows, or even behind the sofa. They make wiping and dusting an easy task, since you just have to take out the drawers and wipe them.


Your walls should be prepared for all challenges this life (and your children and pets) could offer them. From stains and spills, to crayon marks and footprints. Muted colours are a great solution, both because they’re eye-calming and they are forgiving and will continue looking their best even after some minor mishaps. It’s best for the paint finish to be water and moisture-resistant. An equally appealing option these days is wall coverings. They’re no longer a thing from the past and their designs have become more sophisticated. They can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Vinyl wall coverings are now made to look exactly like silk, velvet or linen. Amazing, right? Affordable and easy to clean alternative to paint. Welcome to the future - give your busy mind a well-deserved rest.

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