Dear Mom

This is a collection of a few memories and thankfulness I've recorded over the last year to celebrate my wonderful mom on Mother's Day. 
Dear Mom,

This morning I was laying awake worrying about every little thing. The future was daunting and each moment uncertain. I stewed in my thoughts for an hour and waited till it wasn't too early. Then I called you.

Your voice told me that even though it was early, and you probably had other things going on, you were happy to hear my voice. As I told you about my anxious heart, I could tell you truly listened and weren't just seeking to fix.

You told me that it's ok to be anxious. You reminded me how things have always worked out before, and they will this time. You told me that everything is okay, and not to worry.

Your voice brought me comfort. Your words brought me peace. You made me feel better.

The laughter and stories we shared after you helped soothe me brought me joy.

Mom, sometimes when I'm stuck in my head with my problems they seem so huge. But when I bring them out into the open and can talk to you about it, I see they are very small. Because you believe in me, and you have been through it all, you make me feel better.

Mom, just talking to you really works wonders in my life.
Dear Mom,

I love that we can talk about relationships and personalities for hours. Sometimes we sit and talk about our family history, who we are, and who we want to be.

I am so proud of you and how strong you are. We are not perfect, but we've overcome a lot.

Dear Mom,

 I remember my first day taking the bus home from school in kindergarten.

You had told me how to do it many times, but I was nervous all day long. When the time finally came for me to board the bus, I felt tears pricking my shy, sensitive six-year-old eyes.

When I went up the stairs and into the bus, I saw you sitting there on the first seat, waiting to ride home with me. You come alongside me when things are scary. Your love makes me brave.

Dear Mom,

You have the most comforting hugs in the world. From thoughtful flowers to checking in when I'm sick to remembering the little things, thank you for always making sure I know you care.

Thank you for giving me your smile, your warmth and friendliness, your amazing recipes, a loving childhood, and a little bit of sass. I am proud to be your daughter and your friend, and I am so happy we are close.


  1. What a beautiful note to your mother. It's nice to take an extra moment and treasure our moms a little extra on Mother's Day!

  2. Oh these are beautiful notes to your mother. So sweet! Sounds and looks like you two have a special relationship.

  3. This post is so sweet. Thank you for sharing these memories! The kindergarten bus one especially got me, since my daughter will start kindergarten in the fall. I always want to be there for her, too!

  4. What a beautiful post for your mom! I got a little teary eye at the one about the bus in kindergarten! So touching!

  5. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift to your mother. I know she will read this a thousand times. I know because I would. As my daughters are getting older, I so appreciate the things they do that reveal their hearts and their kindness. It makes me both proud and humble to be their Mama.

  6. My heart is full. Being your mom has been a wondrous gift and a lovely journey. We have many more miles to go on this path. I am blessed to be skipping right along with you, rain or shine. I love you sweet girl. Mom


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