July Friday Favorites

I don't think this July could have been a more fun month that screamed SUMMER! The month was full of adventure, outdoors, family and friends. Here's my once a month Friday Favorites where I share highlights from the month. 


We hiked Saddle Mountain on the coast near Seaside, and I can't believe we'd missed this hike until now! This hike has wildflowers, a steep climb that exhilarated my adventurous soul, and panoramic views of the valley, and the Columbia entering into the Pacific. It was amazing!
We took my dad zip-lining for Father's Day at Skamania Lodge. It was so, so fun! I'm kind of a nervous nelly when it comes to thrills, but this actually didn't scare me very much at all. Sailing through the trees was very peaceful and freeing. We loved it. 
Our biggest adventure of July was to DISNEYLAND! My first Disney trip was at age 18, and I've gone 6 more times since then. No doubt it is the happiest place on Earth! We joined my sister and her family on their first trip with their kiddos. It was so much fun to experience the magic with kids. 
Pixar Pier in California Adventure just opened up, it is so, so cool! This trip was by far the most we've indulged in Disneyland food, and the ice cream cone pictured above is just one example of the deliciousness we enjoyed. 
We also went camping this month at Waxmyrtle Campground near Florence, and had a blast at the Gray family reunion. 


I do a lot of reading by the pool during the summer, and I've read several books this summer. The standout is definitely Twist of Faith by Ellen J. Green. I'm not usually into murder mysteries, but this one was compelling and the ending blew my mind. After reading the second to last chapter, I flipped back and read previous pages for almost half an hour to see if it really all added up because I was so surprised.
We've made a tradition of going to Sherwood Foundation for the Arts' yearly musical in the park. We bring a picnic and beach chairs. The show this year was Hello, Dolly! which is one of my favorites. 

Daniel and I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix, which I absolutely love. It's such an uplifting show with a great message that everyone is looking for love and acceptance, no matter who they are. 


A close friend had her first baby this month, I knitted a soft pink baby blanket for her with a little ladder stitch
I got some hearty, shade-loving plants and this Hosta is my favorite. Now that I own one I am seeing them everywhere! 
Daniel was working on grad classes online this month. The man has the craziest work ethic, when he was in the zone he'd work from 8 am to 8 pm! I persuaded him to take a break with me each day at about 10 am to have a smoothie and play a board game. 
I've enjoyed some awesome salads this summer, these are two of my favorite combinations. 
I teach Jazzercise, and our studio ran a challenge to take 30 classes between June 1st and July 30th. I taught 18 classes in July alone, and our gym does not have AC. Needless to say I sweated A LOT this month, and I'm proud of myself for completing the challenge!


Daniel and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in the park with dinner at Blue Bayou (the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) and matching t-shirts. 

From poolside lounging to river floating, I basically lived in my swimsuit this month. I am loving Aerie's swim line this season, specifically their high-waisted bikini bottoms.

July was such an amazing month of summer fun! I'm looking forward to soaking in every minute of it in August before going back to work, and focusing a little more on getting some rest before school starts.

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  1. Looks like you had many fun adventures in July! I love the zipline and the aerial park at Skamania Lodge - so much fun and so pretty there! I've lived here forever but have never done the Saddle Mountain hike. Looks beautiful. Adding it to my list!

  2. I really want to hike Saddle Mountain now! Those views look spectacular and I love wildflowers! Also, super cute swim suit! Love the pattern.

  3. You've had an amazing summer packed with activity but also well balanced with relaxation, and there's still some left!! Enjoy August!

  4. Way to maximize summer fun! My husband I love to do the same. Gotta fit in all the outdoor adventures while the weather is optimal. We hiked Saddle Mountain in June. Great views on the climb, but fog rolled in right as we got to the top. No view! Bummer. Good thing we've seen it before. It is amazing. Enjoy what you have left of summer!

  5. You had so many fun adventures in July! Definitely need to check out that hike near Seaside - the views look absolutely stunning!

  6. Whoa you rocked July! I had no clue Jazzercise was still around. Who knew! I hope your August is just as fabulous! xo


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