Succulent Gardens & Easy Summer Style

My Grandma and her husband Mel have the best yard ever. This succulent and cactus garden is just a small part of it. 

They have lived in several places, and everywhere they've been their yard is a haven. I remember wandering around their big rose garden as a small child and enjoying all the scents and colors, the hazelnut shells crunching under my feet. 
When we visited this summer for a family barbecue, I couldn't resist using the garden as a backdrop. I really enjoy casual summer looks. This outfit is almost entirely Old Navy, which is a great place to find easy breezy summer staples. A relaxed cotton tank tucked into a subtly patterned skirt, paired with sandals, simple jewelry, and a braid just says summer bliss to me. All I need is a glass of ice tea (or rosé) in my hand. 

A crown braid is a really simple way to elevate air-dried hair. I just pulled back the front sections, braided without tying off, and loosened the braids a little before pinning back, and tucked my bangs into the braid.

Summer is my happy time, and this garden will always be one of my happy places.
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  1. Look at your adorable succulent garden! I love this trend but somehow I manage to kill even my unkillable succulents. :(

  2. So pretty! I should try having succulents again. And I love the crown braid!

  3. Love that skirt! It looks so airy and comfortable and I LOVE that it has pockets!

  4. How you braid your hair like that all by yourself? Goals! I love the succulent garden. Grandparents always seem to have the best gardens. My grandma has such a green thumb. I love all of this. Thank you for sharing, adorable photos.

  5. I love your grandma's succulents garden!! And cute hair. I usually wear my hair in some sort of braids and love this style on you!

  6. Your grandma has a beautiful garden! I love your cute outfit and your hair looks fabulous like that!

  7. Love this succulent garden!! It is so beautiful! Also, this outfit is so cute! It looks so comfortable and fun!


  8. I adore how you've done your hair - gorgeous. I love succulents too and have them in my kitchen. Lovely post. Have a great weekend xx Maria


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