Maxi Skirt Tips for Shorties

Maxi skirts are such an elegant and pretty look, and for a long time I thought I couldn't wear them because I'm short (I'm about 5'3"). I've come to find that with some strategic choices and styling, full length skirts can look gorgeous even without a statuesque frame. 

1. Choose a skirt with a flattering shape. The first one I bought was straight up and down, and I found that wasn't the best for me. Once I found a skirt with a little flow, I loved it! Options like this skirt from Roz & Ali and this one from Macy's have a little more movement at the bottom. 
2. Carefully choose your top. Too much flow can look sloppy, but sometimes a tight-fitting top can be less flattering with a skirt. One solution I love is wearing a looser top, but knotting it at the side so the shirt hits just above the hip. This highlights the hips and waist and prevents the skirt from overwhelming a shorter frame. 
3. Make sure the length is right. I personally am not good at getting things hemmed, so I don't buy something if it is too long. Most maxis have a flexible waist band that can be worn a little higher to adjust the skirt length. Tripping over your skirt is the worst, so don't let that happen. 
4. Accessorize to pull it all together! I like going a little bohemian with my maxi skirt. Sandals and a bang braid are pretty, and a coordinating necklace helps draw the eye up. 
5. Rock it with confidence! Why do we give any attention to silly fashion rules like you can't wear long skirts if you're short, or you can't wear horizontal stripes if you're curvy? I believe that with confidence and creativity anyone can rock the style they want.
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  1. Great tips! I love that pretty skirt on you! Your tee looks so cute knotted with it too!


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