soak it in

On a Sunday afternoon while the sunlight streams in, I sit with my wet hair newly combed at the dining table, my feet in fuzzy socks propped up on the seat across from me. As I open my computer, Daniel hums along with the 90's pop Pandora station while he works on grad school. 

Today is productive, slow paced, and lovely. Usually on quiet Sundays like this I have a bit of an underlying nagging worry that I haven't done something yet, whether that's the laundry, baking muffins, giving myself some creative time, or calling someone. 
But today, there's no nagging feeling and I am content and I just soak. it. in.
  Before moving on, before checking my to do list, before letting the feeling pass- I dig into it.
 I let it warm me up from the tips of my toes to the top of my head like a deep breath. I hold onto it, looking out at the wind blowing through the trees and the sun streaking across the park, and try to savor this peace so I can savor it all week.
Do you let yourself grab up those moments? To rest in them for a moment, content and joyful, a little hum in your soul?

I'm soaking up this one.

This style is an absolute classic for me for work, brunch, church, and family get togethers. I love a patterned dress that accentuates the waist paired with a solid cardigan and boots. A twisty half-updo and beaded hoop earrings compliment the look. I am enjoying more leggings-less dress styles now that spring is coming. For more spring dress looks, check out this layered striped look and his & hers spring florals.

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  1. If we could only freeze dry/bottle/preserve those fleeting moments.

  2. I love this reminder to slow down and sit in the moment. It's a great reminder as we start a new week! Your outfit is darling, by the way!

  3. Dresses and boots are such a great combo! I really love your reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment. That's something I should remind myself to do more often.

  4. With your post title, I'm reminded of the Japanese concept of forest bathing. With your gorgeous outfit and laid back vibe, I'm pretty sure that's what you were doing - even if you didn't realize it! :)

  5. This outfit is perfection! And we all need to slow down and take a moment to soak it in!

  6. Such a cute dress that's perfect for this lovely spring weather we've been having!

  7. So glad that spring has arrived here in the PNW! Thanks for the reminder to slow it down. Finding time to just Be is both a challenge and a necessity for me.

  8. Love this! Yes, we really do have to grab those special moments. I had one this morning. I have an exercise stepper set up in front of our livingroom picture window. Outside are several bird and critter feeders.

    As I prayed and exercised, a sudden influx of about 20 or more birds suddenly showed up. There were about 8 big, fat robins - gold finches - dark eyed juncos - chickadees - song sparrows ... 🙂

    Oh, and one large gray squirrel, happily munching away on the seed cake on the critter feeding station.

  9. We need to take hold of those moments! They are so important! Love your pretty dress by the way!


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