Leaning into my artistic side

I'm definitely a variety over consistency person. I like to listen to a lot of different music, taste an array of flavors, and experience new places and things. Some days I dress preppy, somedays feminine, or bohemian, or casual, the list goes on. I describe this as an artsy look. 
I'm the same with my wardrobe- my style changes all the time. 

Some days I dress preppy, somedays feminine, or bohemian, or casual, the list goes on. 
I describe this as an artsy look. I feel like it expresses my creative side, which is a huge part of me. Blogging, playing instruments, singing, and writing songs, hand lettering, knitting, decorating, and getting creative in the kitchen all are very soul-satisfying to me. 
I've been leaning into my artistic side more for the last year. I've become very interested in the Enneagram, and one of the types I most identify with is Four. Fours thrive on creativity and emotional expression, and that is definitely me. 
This fun, quirky patterned dress with a chunky sweater, black leggings, lived-in boots, moody lip color and glasses expresses my inventive and open-minded side, dreaming about what project to start next. 
One of the main reasons I love fashion is that it's a built in daily way to be creative. 
Do you prefer variety or consistency in life? How about your wardrobe? Do you know your enneagram type? (sometimes I identify with type two as well).
See how I styled this dress for summer/early fall here, and another cozy dress outfit here and here.

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  1. I'm like you! I love to try all different styles. A coworker from a LONG time ago use to call me the Chameleon. From one chameleon to another, keep it goin' girl!!!


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