Rockin' that ponytail

I'm a Jazzercise instructor, and every few years I'm required to video myself teaching a class and send it in for an assessment. I watched my video back after class, and one of my first takeaways was 'woah, my ponytail is powerful!'. 

I rock a ponytail pretty often, and always when exercising. I am all about extending hair washes as long as I can, because the length of my hair still looks shiny and clean! I threw this headscarf on to hide greasy day-after-workout-hair that dry shampoo just didn't fix. It turned out to be a really fun look.
In the winter I am all about a big sweater, leggings, ankle booties, a warm jacket, and a sassy accessory. It's warm and comfortable and always gives me a big confidence boost- I just feel good in this look! 
This is my "I feel like I'm wearing pajamas but I look put together!" face. Either that or "hurray for dry shampoo!"

What's your go-to winter outfit? There's a little snow in the forecast this week in my area and I am eager to see what happens, although I am enjoying these sneak peeks of spring too. For more warm styles, check out my sweater dress , this oversized cardigan and dress look, and some tips on styling a sweatshirt. 
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  1. Love that you paired the headscarf with your ponytail. Perfect combo!

  2. You're so cute! With that smile, you could wear your hair any way you wanted and you'd still be gorgeous.

  3. I seriously struggle with making a ponytail! For that reason, I almost always leave my hair down. I have serious hair envy right now!

  4. You are rocking that pony for sure. I have vibrant hair so I also use dry shampoo to extend washings!

  5. Such cute photos - what a great smile! During the winter my hair is definitely in a ponytail more often.

  6. Love these cute photos. Your smile is contagious. Ponytail are powerful to those who are strong like you


  7. OK. I need to grab one of those headbands!!! I keep seeing girls wearing them and they are SOOO CUTE!!! (and guess what? my hair is in a pony! ;) )


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