Make a Sweatshirt a Statement

Does anyone else get in "I live in my sweatshirt" mode? I remember the first sweatshirt I lived in- I got it for my birthday in 6th grade. It was a sky blue zip up, and it was a little bit too big. I wore it to school almost daily, and there was usually a bit of chocolate ice cream on the sleeve. I wore that sweatshirt until the sleeves were threadbare. 
I still love a good sweatshirt (although I try to keep the ice cream sleeves to a minimum), especially this time of year. Sweatshirts really don't have to be boring, basic, and frumpy- there are so many different designs and fits out there this day so you can find a sweatshirt that really reflects your style and personality, and add some fun outfit elements to make it fresh. 

This loose pullover hoodie is my current obsession. It's made of the softest fleece and goes with everything. I love that it's sporty and stylish at once. I paired it with an hombre yellow beanie, straight let jeans, and grey Toms for a relaxed look. It also goes great with workout leggings and sneaks, a puffer vest, skinny jeans, and ankle boots...or sweatpants :) 
The Old Navy sweatshirt I'm wearing above is now on their epic clearance sale, find it here. Here's a couple other cute options with sleeve stripes: 
Another Old Navy pic 
Love this color from Shein

Graphic sweatshirts are so fun- I just want to read all of them when I see them in a store! Finding a perfect one for you is a treasure hunt and lets your personality shine through your clothing. I found this "Radiate Positivity" crewneck at Old Navy as well, and knew it was so me I had to get it. I love keeping the fun and colorful vibe with my frilly sneakers, a fishtail braid, distressed crops, and a patterned watch band. 
 I love this subtle graphic

A different neckline or fit can make a sweatshirt feel more avant garde than it is. I love this funnel neck hoodie. I barely ever go into Aeropostale, but I popped in last summer and found this gem. The drape of the neck is stylish and rebellious, and obviously I was feeling a little bit gangster. I can beat box, bust some mean hip-hop dance moves, and I spend 40 hours a week teaching (mostly male) teenagers. So yes, I am a little bit gangster.
This sweatshirt paired with neutral skinnies and slip ons feels effortless and edgy.
Aeropostale doesn't have the green anymore, but here's a really similar top in a lovely grey. It's only $15.99!
Honestly I mostly wear sweatshirts with pajamas at home, but when I wear them out I love making them a little more stylish! It's a win when you can keep that coziness while giving it some style too.

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  1. I also love a good sweatshirt. Perfect weekend wear for our drizzly cold days!

  2. I find myself wearing sweatshirts - especially hoodies - this time of year. So cozy! Thanks for the inspiration for looking for some new ones.

  3. I love all of these looks and all of your cozy sweatshirts! I don't own many sweatshirts but I think I need a cute graphic version. I love your "radiate positivity" one!


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