5 Simple Tips to Cultivate a Love for Mornings

I am a BIG morning person. For me, the first hours of the day are the time that I am most productive, cheerful, and motivated. I understand this is not the case for everyone!
This post is dedicated to my fellow millennials who may not naturally come by the go-get-em morning attitude. Today I'm sharing five easy tips to help you become more of a morning person.

1. Create Comfortable and Cheerful Spaces
One of my favorite things about mornings is waking up slowly. I love to roll out of bed and come out into the living room, curl up in my favorite chair, and read or check my blog. On busier mornings spent mostly getting ready, I want my bathroom to be a clean and cheerful space. The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so spend it in an atmosphere that will make you feel happy. Music is part of atmosphere, so create a morning playlist and enjoy!

2. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Go to sleep a little earlier than you need to, and get up a little earlier than you need to. This is such a tough adjustment from the "stay up all night, wake up last minute and throw on a sweatshirt" mindset of college, but it can make a huge difference. Not only will it increase your chances of getting enough sleep, it also creates a window for some "me" time in the morning. Some solitary, quiet time doing something that makes you feel content can help fill you up before you go out into your day and share your energy with others.

3. Plan a Breakfast You'll Look Forward To
This is such a basic and grandmotherly piece of advice, but eat breakfast! Better yet, eat a delicious breakfast! Having a great smoothie or decked out bowl of oatmeal in mind when I wake up can help me get out of bed. Some people plan out their clothes for the next morning, why not plan out your breakfast and choose a nutritious, yummy meal to help you start the day out right. 
4. Mix Up Your Routine
It keeps your morning routine fresh and enjoyable if you don't do the same thing everyday. On Mondays and Wednesdays I give myself an extra 15 minutes early and have some "me" time before getting ready. This often includes prayer, scriptures, and a cup of tea. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I teach a 5:30 am Jazzercise class. It's awesome to get exercise out of the way so early, and it gives me an energy boost all morning long. On Fridays I sleep in as much as possible and get ready quickly.
5. Practice Gratitude
The best way to change your mood is to focus on the things you are thankful for. Throughout your morning, give thanks for the morning itself- for the fact that you are alive today, you have the opportunities you have, and you can make a difference with your life today. Find beauty in your home and in your workplace. When you get to work, take a moment to put on some quiet music or open the window shades to surround yourself with those positive vibes and have a moment of quiet before opening email. 

Especially as we gain more responsibilities, morning can become one of those rare, precious times you get a moment for yourself yourself. So take full advantage of it! 
Can you see yourself implementing any of these tips to make mornings a time you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Oh my! Mornings are so hard for me; I am definitely a night owl. These are great tips though. I like the idea of planning a good breakfast the night before and making time for a cup of tea in the morning. One of these days I'll get to bed early so I can wake up early (-:


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