First Weeks of School Teacher Style

If it hasn't been clear from my recent posts, I am very, very much a summer girl. 
My whole life, both as a student and a teacher, the one thing that can get me very excited about back to school is clothes.
(A little materialistic, I know.)
But just thinking about shedding my relaxed summer shorts and tees for my favorite dresses, pants, blouses, and skirts makes me giddy! Once I get back on campus the rest of the giddiness starts to set in, too- the smell of new school supplies and the buzz of my empty classroom that will soon be filled with the students I get to encourage. 

Here's my looks from the first few weeks of school. We are getting into the routine now, and the weather is starting to change, so I figure it's perfect timing to round them up. 
I did a big hair chop towards the end of August and as you can see through these photos I'm having fun styling it different ways. 
I love a patterned dress!
Colorful hues and vibrant patterns make business wear cheerful. 
I am still loving high-waisted pants. 
What got you excited for back to school as a student, or as an adult for my fellow education professionals? Let me know which look is your favorite!
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  1. What a fun roundup! This time of year makes me wish I was still working in the schools! I'm sure I will go back when my youngest is a little older though. Those high waisted pants look so cute on you!

  2. I always loved new school supplies at the start of each new school year. These outfits are super cute for school! Great summer-to-fall transition outfits.

  3. Super cute! Your hair looks amazing too Kelsey!

  4. I always loved the new school year as a kid for the exact same reasons! I loved all of the new clothes I would get. Granted, it was always too hot to wear the flannel and fall like clothes I realllyyyyyy wanted, so that was no fun! :) Love your hair chop too!



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