An open letter to teachers in August

Dear Teacher,

From kindergartners to college students, there is something refreshing, renewing, and hopeful about a new school year. It causes students to wonder what could happen this year, how they could grow, and how they could impact others. This shimmery, energized feeling fades for some, but I believe it is a small part of why we teachers choose our profession. The end of the summer is like our New Years: it holds promise.

Sometimes, that promise can be what keeps us teachers going.

Teachers, as you stand in your empty classroom and imagine those desks filled with students, allow yourself to be captivated by the newness of the school year.

Let the joy of a fresh start captivate you.

Despite past failures, exhaustion, school-wide struggles, disappointments, and difficult students, believe in the potential of this year.

Believe that the students who will sit in those desks will be in your classroom for a purpose.

Believe that you can see students who feel unseen.

Believe that you can inspire them to try new things and give their full effort.

Believe that these students need you, and give them your best self.

Believe that you can introduce a child to their new favorite subject.

Believe that when you feel like giving up, your kids will remind you why you do this.

Believe that this room will hold aha moments, laughter, and focus.

Believe that you can make a difference in the world, right here between these four walls.

Because you can.


A high school resource room teacher starting at a new school, who needs this letter too!

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  1. Thanks Kelsey! I am working at a new center with a different team so I can relate to your letter. :)

  2. Great inspiration for the year to come!


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