Chunky Infinity Scarf

I started knitting about five years ago, and I LOVE it. It's a hobby I joyfully anticipate returning to every winter. I could knit all year, but I usually like to save it for just the winter to keep it special. When I think of winter break, I think of snuggling up watching Christmas movies with a hot drink and my knitting needles.
I wanted to share with you a knitting project I recently finished. This is a simple infinity scarf.

I used an I Love This Chunky yarn from Hobby Lobby (I can't remember exactly what style and color), I used one and a half skeins. Really any chunky yarn will do for this pattern. Also an awesome thing about chunky yarns is they make projects go really fast. I used size 10 needles and cast on 20 stitches for this project. My pattern was knit 2 purl 1, which I think always makes a nice ridge pattern that has texture but does not scrunch up too much.

All you need to do to make this scarf is cast on 20 stitches and knit 2, purl 1 until your desired length is achieved, then cast off! It's super simple and quick.

I chose a nice in between length that can be looped once or twice. Something I especially enjoy about infinity scarves is they are diverse, you can dress them up, dress them down, or wear them for cozy warmth.

I hope this winter finds you cozily crafting!

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