Conquering Mountains, or Mountains of Laundry: Finding Life in Everyday Life (Part 1)

There's something I've been pondering lately, and I think it's an important issue. It's a little difficult to articulate, I hope this makes sense.

We all have moments where we feel very inspired to live life fully, to treat every moment likes it's our last. Inspiration could strike from a film, music, book, quote, someone we look up to, or an event we experience. In those moments we feel called to a purpose, to be fully present, to make the biggest impact we have in whatever way we can. On fire to live the life we dreamed of.

We walk out of the theater or put down the book ready to climb mountains, change lives, and conquer the world.

 But we look down from our inspiration and realize that we're tired, and hungry, and we have chores and responsibilities.

The responsibilities we have to uphold don't always fit into our exciting and fulfilling vision of what our life should be. We feel deep down we should be spending every day changing lives and experiencing new things. We dream of climbing mountains but first we need to conquer a few laundry piles. Our life includes things like bills, paperwork, and cleaning the house.

Aside from responsibilities, we also are limited in our energy. This heightened awareness of what really matters tends to fade when we are emotionally or physically fatigued. In these times, we Netflix Binge. We waste two hours on Buzzfeed. We check Facebook constantly even when with loved ones.

We can't be on fire about our purpose 100% of the time. We are human.

There can be a tension between what we feel a full life is, and what our daily actual life holds.

The issue I've been pondering is this:

How to we balance our worldly concerns, responsibilities, and the reality of humanity in light of a greater purpose?

How are we to look at our fatigue and our responsibilities that make us human when we are inspired to live every moment fully? Is balance key? Is it about finding meaning in your chores and times of rest because they contribute to a greater goal? Is it living in two different worlds- one where you encounter life abundantly, and one where you go through the motions? 

Basically- how do we live out a bigger purpose 
when we have SO MUCH to do?

I don't have the answer to these questions. This topic is something we don't often stop to think about in our busy lives, but I'm not bringing it up for it to be depressing. I'm hoping reading this post will lead you to ponder these questions, and maybe we can have a discussion about it. (Read: Please comment your thoughts!)

This blog is going to be written in two parts, and I want to hear your response to this personal dilemma, and later in the week I will share mine.  Are you familiar with this tension between the life you are inspired to live, and living fully in your present situation? What does inspiration feel like for you? How do you live your life fully even in the mundane?

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