Getting Lost in a New City

So, funny story. The last thing I posted was about two weeks ago, and I've had a few posts I've wanted to write since then. But, my last post was promised to be a two part deal, and I had saved a draft on my husband's computer, which currently seems to be working completely fine... except the screen is black. I was going to just wait until that is fixed so I can post my second part of the "Conquering Mountains, or Mountains of Laundry" story and be all nice and sequential, but I'm afraid I'm impatient and want to share other things in the mean time. 

I love weekends. Who doesn't love weekends? And I love weekend trips. 

There's something about them: Just long enough to rejuvenate you, but short enough to make it easy to get back to your normal routine. Time to explore something new a midst the craziness of life. 

Sometimes lounging around the house is the best way to get the worth out of the weekend, but sometimes it's picking up and taking off for just a few days to indulge your senses in a weekend away. 

I love outdoors, I love to make direct contact with new forests, rivers, lakes. But I find that sometimes, there is nothing as refreshing as exploring a new city. 

I am certainly not a city girl. Every town I've lived in has had a population of less than 30,000. I like knowing people and knowing my way around (maybe partially because I have a horrible sense of direction). I like a community where people look up and smile at each other when they pass on the street. I like to be able to go for a jog around the neighborhood, and go get the mail with no shoes on. 

But there is just something wonderful about getting lost in a new city. 

A weekend this February found us in Spokane, WA. My sister in-law was performing with All Northwest Band, and we figured we'd make a family weekend of it and go see her perform. I've visited Spokane a few times in the last five years as a dear friend lives there. This trip was the first time I've really explored the city and had the chance to linger,to browse...

 ...to encounter the big picture...

 and indulge in the details...

...to get acquainted with the night and day of a new place. 

 There's treasures hiding around the city, and I want to find them. I want to touch them, smell them, and be impacted by them. I think the reason I love exploring cities is that they just seem full of possibilities.

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