Spring Favorite Things: Decorate

As I type this, the sun is pouring in from the window and making those bright, lazy waves on the carpet that just make you want to curl up and take a cat nap.
My husband and I went on a rigorous but beautiful hike this morning, enjoyed a lunch out, and are spending the late afternoon relaxing with books (and blogging for me!)
It almost feels like Summer- but this is just Eastern Oregon's warm, sunny Spring, and I am loving it.

Today is the second part in my Spring Favorite Things series, and I am sharing my picks to decorate for the season.

1. Bright Frames 

Several years ago at a garage sale I found a small mirror painted light green with gold flowers. I loved the floral details and the shape of the mirror, but I didn't love the color. I bought it for $4 and decided to paint it. I think I just used acrylic paint, which isn't fancy but looks fine. Yellow is my favorite color and I love how this mirror brings sunshine to a room! The birdcages shown here are from our wedding, they incorporate nicely into Spring decor as well. 

2. Cheerful Accent Pillows 

Believe it or not, I found this pillow at Walmart! It was an impulse buy while grocery shopping. I just loved the pattern and thought the color would go great in our living room. I took it home and it turns out it actually fought with a leaf-patterned pillow we have. So I made the pillows compromise and now this turquoise lattice pillow is for spring/summer, and the leaf pillow is for fall/winter. This is how much of a people person I am- I imagine that the pillows are having conflict and make them get along. I might need help...

3. Potted Plants
I have actually never tried to grow anything before, which is ridiculous because my Mother and Grandmother are both florists. This year I am giving it a shot, and I have grown quite fond of my little plants! On the left is a tomato plant, in the middle is a bell pepper, and the slightly wind-blown one on the right is our mystery plant. It is supposed to be a geranium starter but it is most definitely not a geranium. Hopefully it will have a bloom soon and we can further investigate! I'm hoping if these plants do well I can graduate to a few more :)

4. Spring Scents 

I really enjoy home scents- wax melts or candles are both great. I've discovered that I gravitate towards the cozy, foodie smells, however in Spring it's fun to branch out into the more fresh scents. This blue candle is Pina Colada, and in the wax melt I have Zen Garden ready to go. It's nice to switch things up! 
5. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere! 

Just like I said in my Spring Favorite Things: Style post, I adore flowers year round but they just especially shine in Spring. I love a simple vase on the dining table (yes, these sunflowers are most definitely fake, but they still add some cheer), and displaying the classy print on my teapot.  

How are you adding little touches of Spring to your home this season? Thanks for stopping by and celebrating Spring with me! 

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