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The living room is called the living room for obvious reasons- we do most of our living there. However, I would argue that the dining table should also be considered a place we do most of our living. I don't know about you, but throughout my life the dining table has been an important place. It goes beyond meals.

As a kid, the table was where we drew pictures and did crafts and puzzles. Later on, it's where I did my homework and played board games with friends. In college, my roommates and I sat at the dining table together and had long, rejuvenating talks over tea. I'm sitting at the dining table right now as I blog.

A few weeks ago I had breakfast with a very dear friend at her apartment and fell in love with her dining nook. She welcomed me in with a delicious breakfast, and long after we had finished eating we remained there catching up.

What I'm getting at is that I believe the dining space is a very important place- first and foremost to eat and gather with loved ones, but also as a place to inspire creativity, rest, and connection. I think my friend did this very well.

Fellow bloggers, you understand being that odd friend that says "This is probably a strange question, but can I take pictures of your house?" or "I know this is weird, but can I photograph your outfit?" or "Wait, before we eat, I need to take a picture of my plate". Luckily my friend willingly let me capture her lovely dining nook and now I get to post this cheerful, refreshing dining nook that so perfectly reflects the personality of my delightful friend.

Part of what made her space so lovely was the details and colors- warm, colorful tones and girly, country-chic style.

And this bar cart. So cool! 

Making an apartment feel cozy and decorated can be a challenge, I think the wall hangings my friend put up really help light up the space, and I love her gallery wall! The color gold throughout ties all the pieces together. 

This space really charmed me and I hope you've enjoyed it too! Here's to dining tables- and all the eating, inspiration, and connection they host.

And thanks to my friend for allowing me to be that weirdo that posts your dining room on the internet :) 

post-breakfast selfie

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  1. That bar cart is sooooo cute!! I love Tayleranne's style! Also, I understand about taking random pics of things...like food...all the time...and then posting...all the time haha


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