Simple Handmade Cards

Do you have a big shoe box full of cards in your closet? I sure do. Every so often I go through it, and love poring over words of encouragement and kindness from throughout the years.

I think cards are so special because they show thoughtfulness and care. I love giving cards to celebrate, or just because.

Spring and summer bring a lot of reasons to celebrate. With Mother's Day, Father's Day, showers, weddings, and graduations, there are many occasions that call for cards. Sometimes I enjoy picking out a card at the store- I always know I have the right one for someone close when it brings tears to my eyes. However, when I'm able to, I really enjoy making handmade cards.

There are so many great ideas for handmade cards. Many are beautifully elaborate, but I like to keep mine pretty simple. Keeping them simple  helps me have the attitude that I can make handmade cards quickly and and easily. 

To keep it straightforward, I just pick 2-3 scrapbook pages for each card. It's especially great if one is an accent sheet with flowers, words, and details that can be cut out. For easy cards that look like you spent more time on them, choose papers that have standout colors and pretty patterns. I make the outside more colorful, and the inside has small details and plenty of room to write.

Since I often pick store-bought cards based on which one makes me cry, I usually like to pick a sweet quote to include in the card. There are some great websites for quotes, I've used www.brainyquote.com, www.goodreads.com/quotes, and of course Pinterest.

Don't be afraid to use your own handwriting. Even if it doesn't look like calligraphy or a font, our handwriting is special to others. I know seeing the handwriting of family and old friends is comforting to me. 

Crafts don't always have to be a huge project, sometimes something simple is just right; and that handmade touch is always sure to warm a loved one's heart.

Happy Crafting! 


  1. I love giving and receiving special cards! They are sometimes even better than the gift they accompany.

    1. I agree Joann! Thanks for stopping by!


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