Quiet In My Soul

I've learned that there are different types of joy in the Lord. 
When I first came to know the joy of the Lord, I was abuzz with joy. I was a freshman in college, and I remember all the new people I was just getting to know asking me "Why are you so happy all the time?"
I stayed up until 2 am focusing on loving people, and then got up at 7 am to meet with friends to pray. I wasn't tired, I was full of joy and energy. 
That was a season in my life. God filled me with joy that was vibrant, visible, and outgoing. It was a beautiful way to get to know what living in His presence was like.

Seven years later, I still experience this joy, but in a different way (for one, I need way more sleep!). While there are days that I am abuzz with joy like my first year of college, more often I experience that God blesses me with a moment of quiet joy. 
He gently touches my soul with the peace of his presence and the happiness of knowing him.
A quiet joy is confidence. A peace that knows all will work out. A peace that says 'Your will be done, it is well with my soul'. 
A quiet in my soul that trusts and rejoices even when I'm unsure. 
A quiet in my soul that says 'Hush, God reigns'. 
A peace washes over me that helps me look at the blessings around me.
Sometimes joy is loud, and bright yellow and exuberant. And sometimes... it's a moment of blessed stillness, a soft blue peace, a joy that transcends trials and warms from the soul. 
In quietness and trust shall be your strength Isaiah 30:15

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  1. I am in the middle of summer with the kids. The peace and joy you write about seems so elusive. But I know it is there if I will just stop, look, and listen. Lovely thoughts, lovely photos!


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