Silverwood & Sandpoint, ID

Oh boy, this summer we've gotten to have so many adventures. Towards the end of July, we made a trip to Northern Idaho. Visiting Silverwood and Sandpoint, we treasured almost a week in the sun and water, enjoying the beautiful scenery and a little break from the desert.

We spent two days in Silverwood Theme Park. It has a fantastic water park in addition to the awesome rides and theme park. It's also wonderfully decorated and clean. It was like a mini-little Disneyland :) 

Our first day we got to go with our friends Erica and Ka-La. Erica was with me the first time I went to Disneyland, so it was fun to get to relive the thrills together at a new park.
Silverwood has two crazy wooden roller coasters. They are really exciting because both take you up high very slowly, then drop right away. One even drops you into tunnels! Both have that old-school wooden roller coaster jerkiness and make your teeth rattle around a little bit. I'm not a big thrill seeker and I was a little nervous at first, but they were so fun. 

A big part of why we ventured over to Idaho was to visit our friend Dan, who grew up there and works at Silverwood in the summer. He's part of a great band that plays in the High Moon Saloon (he's the one with the beard, Grumpy). 
Waving Grumpy and the rest of the gang goodbye as the train pulled out of the station. The train ride took us through woods and a field of bison and our train was held up by bandits. 

We had lunch at this really cute place called Lindy's. 
After enjoying Silverwood, we stayed with Dan and his family in Sandpoint, right on Lake Pend Orielle. The lake is so beautiful, surrounded my trees and hills. It is the 5th largest lake in the US! We had a blast boating, swimming, and attempting water sports (I am most definitely not a natural). 
Dan's family so generously welcomed us and we had a lot of fun getting to know them over meals and relaxing on the shore. 
We camped out on a little island, roasting hot dogs over the fire, catching up and laughing, and sleeping under the stars.
We went on a rigorous but awesome hike, Mickinnick Trail. It was about 7 miles and a huge climb. The view was worth it!
The boys channeling their inner Rocky. 
It was a week of pure summer. 


  1. What a great time! I've never been to that part of the country and would love to go one day.

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to go visit. I love the scenery and what looks like a great amount of fun to be had.

  3. What a hike but it was worth seeing the view. It looks like you had a wonderful time at this park. Wonderful photos!
    JM, IL


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