Freedom in Imperfection

Ok, this is a real "heart to heart" post.

Growing up, I was always someone who was accepting of my quirks and flaws. I was comfortable being me, and didn't need to cover that up.

Suddenly, as my responsibilities have increased over the last few years, I find myself struggling with an enemy I know many struggle with their whole lives: perfectionism.

As I try to balance being a loving wife, an encouraging teacher, making a comfortable home, keeping in touch with family and friends, grad school, and trying to make time for my interests, I find that I've put these impossible expectations on myself. I've begun to strive for perfection, and be disappointed when I don't reach it. 

Is this struggle all too familiar to you? 

I'm afraid our society makes perfection a huge, powerful enemy. Between the media, social media, and the ways we have of hiding our flaws in our high-tech, impersonal world, it's very easy to feign having it all together. That makes it easy to think that everyone else is doing great and you're the only one who is hiding your imperfection.

But what if we let that go?

What if we let go of the need, of the desire to be perfect?

You know that characteristic about you that you try to hide, the one you believe makes you imperfect- what if you stopped believing that? What if you stopped letting it define you? Whether it be your past, your body, that you're too much, that you're not enough... what if you stopped letting that matter so much?

What if you believed that you are loved so much that your imperfections are not what matters?

I'm striving to daily give myself freedom to be imperfect. When we expect or strive for perfection, we are only going to fall short. I'm not saying low expectations are the key, but our hearts are fuller when we give ourselves room for our unique little quirks and those moments where we learn.
I have a sneaking suspicion that when we give ourselves freedom to be imperfect, it gives others that freedom, too. When I let you in on the secret that my life can be complicated and a little bit messy, maybe you can exhale and feel the relief of telling me yours is not always as picture perfect as it seems, too. 

When I first became cognizant of my newfound struggle with perfection, I wrote a song about it. This is my first time sharing a recording on my blog. In the spirit of being real, here I am in my sweats and no make up, singing to you: it's ok, you don't have to be perfect.

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  1. This is great! I think there are so many people that hide who they truly are because they are scared of what others will think of them. I tend to do that myself when I am in certain situations. Luckily I have friends and a husband that love me for who I truly am. This allows me to be me without caring. It is a truly amazing feeling!

  2. I love this! I am starting a blog series where I post one new thing to let go of each month! It's so hard, but has to be done!

  3. Thank you Kelsey, I needed this today! :)


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