A Winter Gift

Amidst pajamas, hot tea, and leisurely-read novels, the snow called to me from outside. Freshly fallen, it beckoned me to explore
We bundled up and walked out to the trail near our home. We pass pine trees beautifully adorned with boughs of snow and car bumpers ladened with icicles.
All seems quiet in our little town and the snow crunches gently under our feet. We are warm in our gloves, knitted hats, and two pairs of socks. 
the sky a pale white, the horizon is indistinguishable from the banks of snow. As we distance from the road and come nearer the open land adjacent to the trail, Daniel stops and points out into the fields.
Several deer graze amongst the tall grass and the snow. My heart is captured. They are the picture of gentleness and grace. 
As we watch, another deer comes out from behind the hill. Her ears perk up and she pauses, glancing our way. Seeing we mean no harm, she nimbly ascends towards the others. Her hooves softly step through the snow. 
Another, and another deer come until there are eleven total. They graze together, occasionally looking towards us when we step closer. 
Moved by this quiet winter scene, my soul is surrounded by peace. 
I have always felt that seeing beautiful creatures unexpectedly is a gift, a blessing, from God. 
 It reminds me that he is creator. He has made these peaceful, tender animals. 
It reminds me he is provider. 
Amidst the severe winter weather, he gives these sweet deer what they need. It reminds me of his love for me. 
He designed our time so that we might pass by at this moment to have our hearts nourished by beholding the quietness and trust of these graceful animals. 


  1. We have deer that live all around our town and I've never quite looked that them in this way. beautifully written!

  2. Thank you for the lovely look at life in the midst of the snow! Loved the thoughts and pictures.


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