Best Free At Home Workouts & Tips for Holiday Fitness

During the holidays we do a lot of traveling and staying with family. While I absolutely love this special time with loved ones, I can be uppity when it comes to my schedule changing. When I don't eat, exercise, and sleep normally, grumpiness ensues.
For me, finding a way to still get a workout in during the holidays is a huge part of self care. It does help me feel less like a slug amidst all the treats I eat, but more importantly it helps keep my energy and attitude positive.
When away from our gyms (or in my case, Jazzercise studio), and it's too cold to walk or run outside, getting motivated to work out can be a challenge. In these times, there's a great secret I've discovered: YouTube.
There are so many great YouTube trainers out there, I want to introduce you to my three favorites.

 Jessica Smith
Jessica is warm, relatable, and motivating. She has several different types of workouts that are challenging, but totally doable. She is professional and personable and her lazy dog makes cameos in her workouts. I like her HIIT workouts and kickboxing circuit. She also is sharing a Healthy For the Holidays series this month of quick, effective workouts easy to squeeze in!
Image from jessicasmithtv.com

Blogilates- Pop Pilates instructor Cassey Ho posts weekly videos of extremely peppy, and extremely challenging workouts (like the 1,000 squat workout- yikes it's hard!). She puts a spin on traditional pilates moves and mashes them with today's hit music. Cassey posts monthly free workout calendars. I work out to her videos when I want a challenging workout, but to feel like I'm exercising with a friend. For one of my favorite workouts from Blogilates check out this beach workout.

Image from blogilates.com

Yoga with Adriene- I should do more yoga, I really love it when I do. Adriene is my favorite yoga instructor on YouTube. She has the usual qualities you look for in a yoga instructor- a nice calm voice, encourages you to move at your own pace, and knowledgable, but she also is very real and sometimes quirky. Here's one of her videos that demonstrates her style well. 
image from yogawithadriene.com

Besides using YouTube to get workouts in at home, here's some more holiday fitness tips: 

1. Anything is better than nothing! Even a 10 minute workout counts and can make you feel so much better. 
2. Get in some extra steps by taking a cozy Christmas-light walk, or parking further away at the mall when gift shopping. 
3. If you're staying with family, invite others to get active with you! Exercising together can make it more fun.
4. OR set your workout aside as your "me time", to rejuvenate you for the busy days. 
Working out with a buddy can be motivating! Here's my nephew Charlie and I exercising to YouTube at my Dad's house.
How do you keep active during the holidays and when traveling?
I am headed to Disneyland with family TODAY which means that I'll be walking around 8 miles per day these next few days... but I know when we get back and after enjoying all the Christmas treats I will be checking in with my YouTube trainers! 

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  1. I love Yoga with Adrienne. I also love the shorter Bodyrock videos. Lisa is a beast, but I like the challenge. I will have to check out the ones you recommend. Have fun in Disneyland. Dan is jealous because he still has three days of school to go.

  2. Great listing of workout videos! Pinned.


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