An Amazing Day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This is the look you get when you get to be physically present in a place you have gone in your imagination thousands of times.
I was in third grade when Harry Potter first came out. The first time I saw the book, my mom and sister were sitting at the kitchen table reading The Sorcerer's Stone together. My sister's teacher had begun reading it aloud, and my sister just had to know what happened. I remember being annoyed that my sister was reading and not playing with me. In the coming months I picked up the book, and I, too, was quickly captivated by it's spell. 
Looking through the next chapters of my adolescence, Harry Potter is a clear theme. Being picked up from school early the day the first movie came out to go to the first showing. Birthday gifts themed with Harry Potter merchandise. Waking up to my mom dropping a fresh copy of the newest book on my bed, and hiding in my room reading it for the next few days. A high school boyfriend being mad at me because I ditched him in order to finish the 7th book (I remember telling him: "You don't understand how important this is, I have loved Harry Potter since I was nine years old!"). Dressing up as Harry, Ron, and Hermione for Halloween senior year of high school. Obsessively watching trailers and having character name-offs with my best friend. Secretly factoring in their Harry Potter fandom when I made friends in college. Watching the final installment of the movie series and bawling my eyes out.
Needless to say, this series has meant to much to me. This December I was lucky enough to step into Harry's world in real life at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood on a trip with my in-laws. I will never forget how it felt to see the turrets of Hogwarts in the distance, and walk into Hogsmeade. As the enchanting music met my ears and I saw sights so familiar from decades of dreaming, tears sprung into my eyes. It was so amazing to actually be there!
The park is so incredibly well-done and true to the series. The whimsical shops, snow-capped soaring rooftops, and sights and smells of the wizarding world felt like home. 
We watched a young guest find a wand at Ollivander's.
My sister-in-law Becca and I with the car Harry and Ron crashed into the Whomping Willow. 
Colorful and magical treats at Honeydukes Candy Shoppe, including comical candy like this one: 
The "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" ride took us on an adventure with Harry and friends. It was actually quite scary! We went on it about three times, it was amazing. The line cue took you through Hogwarts! 
Enjoying a butter beer is an absolute must. It tastes just like I always imagined.
Becca and I are definitely the biggest Potterheads of the family, so we took many a photo opportunity. 
I personally identify as a Hufflepuff (the Harry Potter house which embodies the values loyal, patient, and fair), so of course I had to purchase a sweatshirt.
It was an amazing day I will never forget!! 
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Thanks for stopping by, have a magical day. 

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great time. Can you please send me the really happy picture from the beginning? The one that's part of a collage, so I can put it in next year's calendar. It will only let me save the collage, which won't work in the calendar. Love you.

  2. This looks amazing! What a great trip!


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