Confessions of a Plant Killer & 5 Minute DIY Planter

 My mom and my grandma have both been professional florists, but I... am a plant killer.
There's been a few springs that I've eagerly gone out and bought pansies and petunias and planted them in cute little pots on my porch, only to underwater them and see them whither.
Later on, I turned to succulents, hoping my history of neglect would help them survive. Alas, I loved them too much and drowned them.
In one particularly sad instance, I thought I finally had succeeded at keeping a plant alive. 
We had been given a geranium starter, and I lovingly put it in a little pot and watered it every day. My, it was growing amazingly fast! I was so proud as it grew longer and taller each day. However, it concerned me that it wasn't growing any flowers, or large leaves. I told my mom about the situation and she asked me to send her a picture.
It was a weed. I was nurturing and loving a weed. No wonder it was growing so fast.
Even though I knew it's true identity, I still felt a little bummed when I threw it out, knowing it was one of the few plants I could sustain!
I'm still hopeful I will one day learn the fine art of keeping plants (besides weeds) alive long term, but for now I am turning to a type of plant I can't kill... fake ones!
Fake succulents look very real, you almost have to touch them to check. The plants have fascinating shapes and colors. Even when going with fake, you can find some unique styles. I saw these little pots and tray on sale at Craft Warehouse and was instantly inspired. A few supplies and five minutes was all it took to put this adorable planter together.

 Supplies needed: Several decorative pots, a coordinating tray, a bag of pebbles, and a few varying succulents.

Pour the pebbles into the pot, up to within an inch of the top.

Poke the succulent stem into pebbles, digging into rocks until it is secure. You may need to trim the stem with wire cutters or a strong pair of scissors.

Repeat for each pot, and just like that! You have an adorable (and kill-proof) planter.  

I think this little project adds a bright and happy touch to my sunlit dining room! I can't wait to bring it out every spring. 
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