Riverfront and Sunset Views

My husband is seriously dedicated to donating blood. He has a rare type and gives as often as he can. It's awesome! I'm iron deficient so I can't, but I love to support him however I can. A couple of weeks ago Daniel was donating platelets at the Red Cross in Salem. Platelets take about three hours, so I accompanied him downtown and while he donated I wandered around Salem for a while and did some quality people watching.
 Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely walk on the riverfront.
For our day out and about, I wanted to keep cool and comfortable, but still feel summery and cute. I wore this breezy skirt from Old Navy and a lacy tank top (H&M).
I ordered these sandals online from Old Navy, they are so cheerful with the bright color and the tassel ties. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened them and found they have super cushy soles, too!
It was a beautiful, but HOT, day!
 In the evening we met friends at the rooftop bar at McMenamin's in McMinnville. The view was spectacular. I loved seeing the sun set on the beautiful Yamhill Valley.

 We are so loving getting reacquainted with the Willamette Valley and all the adventures to be had in the area.
I actually shared a winter outfit with this skirt last year, check it out here! A breezy skirt in a fun pattern can be really versatile. What pieces do you like to wear in all seasons?
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  1. Good on Daniel! I am also a dedicated blood donor...I think I'm at 58 units now. Not bad considering I am often low in iron and couldn't donate for a year after each pregnancy. (I have AB- blood and Dan is O+. So I had to get rhogam which means no blood donating for a year.) I donate because blood donations saved my life in 1077. What motivates Daniel?

    1. Oh that is so awesome! Daniel is the universal donor type and that keeps him motivated, and to give back.

  2. Love.

  3. Such a cute outfit! Beautiful photos!



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